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Dont force religion down anybody's throat


Recently my mother was admitted to a hospital for treatment. The co-patient was a Christian. I would like to clarify that this post is not against preaching one religion. I am an atheist and hence have no issues with any god. Moreover, the better part of my academic career was courtesy a Christian institution and hence I am all the more indebted to Christianity.
Coming back, relatives of this patient became quite friendly with us. All of a sudden one of the ladies came and started her prayers on my mother. I politely told her to stop that since I have no belief in any God. After a polite rebuke, she relented. Why do the Missionaries act like network marketers and foist their religion on others whether or not they asked for it? You become friendly with them a bit, immediately they start their prayers, speak ill of your gods, etc. This is not the way to spread your religion. Such an attitude can only create hatred for your religion.
At times, they employ their abov…

Time pass advice (VAS)


We all know about Value Added Services in mobiles. They come at premium rates. In society we have value adders (mostly nonsense) and who come free of cost. You can find them across the width and breadth of our country.

Recently my mother was admitted to hospital and after significant recovery, the doctor had asked me to let her walk alone. My mother though she is in her 70s, is a fiercely independent person and does not like to be helped while walking until she asks for it. She wanted to go to the toilet and I was following behind her, just in case, she trips. One of the relatives of a patient in the next bed, cried out “What are you doing, hold her”. I don’t take such free advices lying down and told back “I am waiting for her to fall down, so that I can inherit Cubbon Park which is registered in her name”. The guy had no place to hide and would stop his value addition to society, I think, atleast for a week.
In the days when I was happily unmarried, a co-employ…

Are we right in subjecting our elders to pain in the name of treatment?


I don’t know whether you will have any good opinion about me after reading this blog. Our incomes have expanded and so has medical facilities. Medical facilities have grown to such an extent that we can safely say that we have 75% conquered death though not ageing.
We all value our elders especially if they are our parents. We want to shower on them all the care and affection that they gave us when we were young. There may be a few disgraceful children who don’t do so. When our elders fall sick, we get terribly frightened. We afford them the best treatment possible to ensure that they are back to normal.
This blog is not to question this basic human approach to our elders. I also do the same things but at the same time feel sometimes in the name of advanced treatment, I subject my mother who is 70 plus to a lot of pain and agony. Undergoing those countless blood tests, climbing those steep xray tables, bearing those radiations, undergoing various minor surgeries, …

A wonderful heart centre in Bangalore


This blog is not for promoting the Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain Heart Centre, Bangalore. Given the fantastic treatment they give and ethics they have, they would not require publicity from a novice blogger like me. Just that I felt when an institution is not working, we very readily write about it to our friends and family. Very rarely, we compliment an institution which is working the way it is meant to.
Recently my mother’s heart beat went below the normal level and had to be rushed to the nearby Chinnamayya Hospital on 27/06/2008. Knowing that the case could not be handled, the duty doctor in the cardiac wing, instructed me to take her to a bigger facility. I must compliment him for his immediate admission to treat the disease and not possessing any ego. I took her to Bhagwan Mahavir Jain Heart Centre based on a friend’s advice, though in my mind I wanted to take her elsewhere.

The initial response in the casualty ward itself made me feel that I have brought her to th…

It is an hospital not a playground

More relatives than patients are a common scene in hospitals across India. This is true even in diagnostic centers. I am not against the affection we have towards our dear and near ones but this should not come in the way of the process of curing a person of the illness he has been diagnosed with. I don’t understand what purpose is served by 20 relatives of a patient chatting amongst themselves outside the ICU. What purpose is served by a dozen of relatives being around a patient who is recuperating after surgery? If our care, attention, love and affection could cure a person, why take the trouble of bringing him/her to the hospital?
Such huge presence trivializes the hospital atmosphere and converts into a virtual playground. Everybody is making their own comments about the hospital, the food, bla bla in the presence of the patient. Further, some of them start discussing intricate family matters in presence of the patient. Further, more some relatives start discussing their woes wit…