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A wonderful heart centre in Bangalore

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This blog is not for promoting the Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain Heart Centre, Bangalore. Given the fantastic treatment they give and ethics they have, they would not require publicity from a novice blogger like me. Just that I felt when an institution is not working, we very readily write about it to our friends and family. Very rarely, we compliment an institution which is working the way it is meant to.
Recently my mother’s heart beat went below the normal level and had to be rushed to the nearby Chinnamayya Hospital on 27/06/2008. Knowing that the case could not be handled, the duty doctor in the cardiac wing, instructed me to take her to a bigger facility. I must compliment him for his immediate admission to treat the disease and not possessing any ego. I took her to Bhagwan Mahavir Jain Heart Centre based on a friend’s advice, though in my mind I wanted to take her elsewhere.

The initial response in the casualty ward itself made me feel that I have brought her to the right place. Just informing that my office had a credit facility with the hospital and showing my ID card put an end to any demands for money. Otherwise I have seen many hospitals persisting with demand to deposit money until an authentication certificate is given by the office. Within 15 minutes of admission to the CCU, the cardiologist briefed us about the reasons for the disorder and possible cures. This again was a surprise for me, because specialists in some hospitals feel that they are answerable to none. He also told me that they have gone in for induction of a temporary pace-maker and the next day a permanent pace maker would be introduced. It was encouraging to note that the nursing staff gave us continuous updates on her health and also asked us not to get tensed. The reception staff was equally pleasing and did not disturb us with frequent requests for signatures. The cleanliness in the hospital is absolutely impeccable.

Next day, we went in anticipation that they would insert a pacemaker into her but it was not to be so. There is a wonderful practice in this hospital of doctors doing two times a day briefing for the relatives of patients in CCU. During our briefing, the doctor informed us that her heart beat had gone down, since potassium levels in her urine had gone up (Only one of her kidneys is functional) and the same has been brought under control. Her heart beat had stabilized and the need for a pacemaker would be obviated if the stability is maintained. This integrity hit me like a tsunami. We were having a corporate account and they could have very well inserted a pacemaker and claimed refund for the same along with associated medical charges. Nobody would have protested and the amount fully paid. But the doctors in Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital obviously have some ethics and don’t have money making as the single obsession of their lives. I don’t mean to say that other hospitals have money making as their single objective but we have heard stories of such money making by many a hospital. Hence, any person would have been shocked the way I was.
True to their words, when her heart beat stabilized, the doctors shifted her to the wards without the pacemaker and discharged her subsequently. Now she is doing well. During the hospitalization, the hospital itself took care of the medicine, which saved us from a lot of hassles. The charges for medicine was a nominal sum, which again proves the levels of honesty that his present in this hospital. The hospital is very centrally located near to Cantonment Railway Station in Bangalore and the address is given below
Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Heart Centre
#8, Millers Tank Bund Road
Vasantha Nagar
Bangalore - 560052
Landmark: Near Cantonment Railway Station
Phone: 080-22267333, 22267374

This blog is not a promotional one but only a way of expressing my happiness at noticing ethics as required in a medical profession.

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