Wednesday, 2 July 2008

It is an hospital not a playground

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More relatives than patients are a common scene in hospitals across India. This is true even in diagnostic centers. I am not against the affection we have towards our dear and near ones but this should not come in the way of the process of curing a person of the illness he has been diagnosed with. I don’t understand what purpose is served by 20 relatives of a patient chatting amongst themselves outside the ICU. What purpose is served by a dozen of relatives being around a patient who is recuperating after surgery? If our care, attention, love and affection could cure a person, why take the trouble of bringing him/her to the hospital?
Such huge presence trivializes the hospital atmosphere and converts into a virtual playground. Everybody is making their own comments about the hospital, the food, bla bla in the presence of the patient. Further, some of them start discussing intricate family matters in presence of the patient. Further, more some relatives start discussing their woes with the patient. Excuse me, the patient has come to the hospital to get treated and cured and this cannot happen if the same atmosphere, arguments continue. Further, it disturbs the other patients also. This unruly behavior does not stop there. Though there are separate toilets for relatives of patients, it is the toilet meant for patients which fascinates them, so what if the patients who are already sick, land up with a urine infection?
We somehow revel in disturbing others, breaking rules just to pretend affectionate in front of our near and dear ones. If we can in the midst of our affection milieu understand that it is a hospital not a playground, things would improve. Most hospital authorities would sigh a sign of relief and possibly the patients too.

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