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Ten Things You Should Not Do While In Karnataka

We Kannadigas are the most hospitable people in  world. We're never pushy but does not mean we can be pushed around. We will communicate even with a person from the deepest of Congo basin using sign language. However, here are a few things you can avoid doing while in Karnataka or talking to a Kannadiga. It just helps to not provoke a genetically soft person :- 1. Our language is Kannada not Kannad
2. ‎We belong to Karnataka not Karnatak.
3. ‎Our Capital is Bengaluru not Bangalore
4. ‎We are not Madarasis, in fact ours is One State but many worlds.
5. ‎We were developed much before IT/BT revolution came. Don't please assume you brought development to our state. If you believe so, we would like to remind you that Charity should begin at home. Hope that gives you clarity.
6. ‎We eat Dose not Dosa. The variety of  dishes in our breakfast should put to shame the number of dishes that many states have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner put together.
7. ‎Ragi Mudde is our staple diet…