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Who cares for corruption ranking of Transparency International?

In the recent report released by Transparency International, India has been ranked as the 85th most corrupt country in the world, a fall of 13 places from the previous year ranking of 72.. Bihar has been identified as the most corrupt state and the Police Department the most corrupt government organisation. It is wrong to assume that the entire Government is corrupt. I work for a Government organisation, be it contracts or appointments, only the most deserving get it and that is why ISRO is a globally reputed organisation. There are scores of such government organisations where honesty is upheld. The unfortunate part is that most of the organisations which have public contact are corrupt to the core. Competition has marginalized corruption in say getting a phone connection or a bank loan.

These rankings are one that neither the Government nor the citizenry can be proud off. We have in our country two types of corruption one viz (a) one which we are the abettors i.e. we pay the bribe (b…

How well the email ids of BBMP work?

Bangalore is the silicon city of India atleast in terms of the revenue it generates from software exports. In such a city, the authority responsible for maintaining the city infrastructure has to have functional email ids and its officers should regularly access to find out if there are any complaints from the citizens. This is important because in today’s busy world, very few can give a complaint physically.

Bruhath Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), is the agency responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and civic amenities of Bangalore and recently I tried to lodge a complaint with various authorities of BBMP on the state of drainage in my locality. Read below to find out what happened

hide details Sep 23 (12 hours ago)
Sep 23, 2008 12:26 PM
Undeliverable: Please clear this Chikungunya/Dengue Mosquito breeding centre
in Indiranagar

Joint Commissioner (East) BBMP email id
The recipient's mailbo…

The invisible cultural divide that existed in Bangalore

This great cultural divide of Bangalore existed once. Thankfully growth of IT sector has meant that no longer this divide is sustainable. Bangalore till late 90s was divided into two cultural zones viz Bangalore South and Bangalore Cantonment. People who have been living in Bangalore for long will remember and relish this artificial barrier which existed in Bangalore for several decades

Bangalore South consisted mostly of the local population and the Cantonment area had a sprinkling of people from various regions, religions and languages. Bangalore South was famous for its conventional way of life whereas the Cantonment was more westernized due to the presence of a substantial number of Anglo-Indians present there.

One particular area in Bangalore South West was famous for streets full of people belonging to the same sub-sect. People would be ready to let their houses for a lower rent to a person belonging to their same sub-sect. The influence of Britishers on Bangalore Cantonment is p…

I cannot be God's Warrior/Salesman

The number of warriors for various Gods has increased multi-fold. Be it the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Kashmiri Mujhadeen, Bajrang Dal and the ever promulgating Evangelists , all claim to believe strongly in their religion and champion its cause in their own nerve wrecking methods. To ensure that their God wins, they don’t mind killing people of other faiths; defaming other’s Gods and destroying other’s God’s religious places. God obviously does not employ/pay anyone to fight wars on his behalf. Thus, it would deduce that these self-appointed warriors for God are obviously those who lead their lives 100% as per their God’s preaching’s and hence are fighting for his cause voluntarily. However in my case, I am not leading life the way my or any God did so during his lifetime.

I can never be the uttam purush that Sri Ram was. He bequeathed his right to be a king because his father asked him to. I would not give up my power even if the whole world asks me to go. He was the symbol of marital fideli…