Monday, 22 September 2008

I cannot be God's Warrior/Salesman

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The number of warriors for various Gods has increased multi-fold. Be it the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Kashmiri Mujhadeen, Bajrang Dal and the ever promulgating Evangelists , all claim to believe strongly in their religion and champion its cause in their own nerve wrecking methods. To ensure that their God wins, they don’t mind killing people of other faiths; defaming other’s Gods and destroying other’s God’s religious places. God obviously does not employ/pay anyone to fight wars on his behalf. Thus, it would deduce that these self-appointed warriors for God are obviously those who lead their lives 100% as per their God’s preaching’s and hence are fighting for his cause voluntarily. However in my case, I am not leading life the way my or any God did so during his lifetime.

I can never be the uttam purush that Sri Ram was. He bequeathed his right to be a king because his father asked him to. I would not give up my power even if the whole world asks me to go. He was the symbol of marital fidelity but this quality of mine gets shaken every time a beautiful female passes by me. If I was him, I would have chopped off the washerman’s head who dared to talk ill about Sitaji.

Jesus could forgive even Judas but I bear grudge against my friends who don’t favor, pamper and boast about me, leave alone betrayal. Jesus asked to show the other cheek if somebody slapped you but I retort every allegation against me with double the ferocity. Jesus went to find the lost lamb but I don’t have the patience even to wait for a friend who has lost his way a bit.

Islamic laws talk about charity in the form of Zakah (donating 2.5% of wealth one has) and Khoms for money is done by taking the fifth of the increment or the increase in the income stored after one lunar year, and this is done after paying debts or bills (if any). I don’t donate even 1% of earnings but look to usurp others. The holy laws also prohibits greed, drinking and prescribes stoning to death for a thief, etc. I won’t follow all those either on the grounds that it is a modern world or that it is anti-human.

Thus, it is quite clear that I am not qualified to fight for God because I have not emulated anything which he has prescribed. Does it mean that all those who are fighting on behalf of God have fully followed his teachings? I leave it to your discretion to decide on this issue. There is no point in fighting for God without truly believing and following what he prescribed. No God has asked his devotees to plant bombs for him, destroy places of worships and lure people into believing him. If we truly emulate the principles of any of the Gods, we won’t be able to hate our fellow human beings. Let us stop fighting over whose God is the ultimate God. God is best kept within the confines our heart, mind and actions. Don’t make God a commodity or a concept to be sold. This world has more serious issues of poverty, hunger, floods and above all global warming to fight. Let us fight to save our future not to decimate it.

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