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Balus Corner: Technological Scare/ Nothing is better than something


Technological Scare/ Nothing is better than something

Oh! No this blog is not about the technological scare, whole of country is discussing about these days. This is about two technological scares I had in my personal over the past few months. This is about how being old fashioned saved the day for me.

Gone are the days when I used to remember most numbers. Now I key them into the mobile and dial the numbers as and when I require. How disastrous can that be? Recently the software of my mobile crashed. I only have numbers in my mobile and few snaps taken during trips and functions. Other than that, I don’t store anything naughty in my mobile nor do I store any games yet the software got corrupted and so with it went all the memory. I don’t know the reasons for it but only consequence was all the numbers stored in it went for a toss. One good thing I always do is that every number I add to the mobile the same is written down in a diary also. Baring a couple of numbers, I was able to get back all the numbers. Least to say, the process of …

New Year Wish list

Dear God or Devil or whoever decides our destiny

This New Year give me,

More Earthlings who want to save it from melting!

Lots of human beings with lots of humanity, humility and less of tyranny!

A Government which can keep me safe!

Politicians who lead and not just deal in votes!

Countrymen who don't get swayed by parochialism but only by the tri-color!

Responsible media which does not look for TRPs in times of crisis!

Broad roads which can accommodate the racers and the normal drivers!

Drains which can do their job despite corruption and lack of civic sense!

Friends and relatives who can accept my failures and not always expect miracles!

An Heart and mind for me to perform and not just crib!


Happy New Year 2009