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How real is Sholay! just for fun

Ever wondered how much Sholay reflects real life. Here are some of them for you

Village besieged by dacoits, Thakur unable to take them on resorts to Outsourcing and brings in Jai and Veeru

Handless Thakur unable to pick the gun and shoot Motivational Speakers.

Endlessly chatting Basanti RJs, VJs, newsreaders,etc.

Gabar Singh Taxman

Radha All female colleagues who get their job done through you without meaning the smile nor the affection.

Surma Bhopali Commentators, Economists, Human Rights Activists, etc.

Dhanno Anti Virus Softwares/ Firewalls

Samba/ Hariram Nai Management Information Systems.

Imam (A K Hangal)/Ahmed (Sachin) Indian Middle Class or Bali ka Bakra

Jai's double sided coin Reality show voting system.

Angreez Zamane Ke Jailor  HR Managers