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Putting out a list of one’s 10 best read books has become a rage on the Facebook. I decided to list it out in a blog why I like them the most?  The list I have made is in the importance of how each of these books changed my way of thinking. Some of these books have been reviewed by me in my blog and hence the hyperlink has been provided. A book I read becomes my favourite when a few concepts, paragraphs, dialogues, etc. stay in my mind much after I have forgotten most of what I read in it.
1.Simpleology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want  by Mark Joyner      
Review on Simpleology by Mark Joyner (lengthy blog)
2.      Getting Unstuck by Timothy Butler Getting Unstuck by Timothy Butler reviewed 3.      Museum of Hoaxes by Alexe Boese If you think critically or want to develop critical thinking, this book is a must read. It lists many hoaxes played on humanity from time immemorial. It should serve as a warning to the gullible masses but alas even the most literate fall prey to glib…