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This Would Have Definitely Happened If Social Networking Had Been Present When Manmohan Desai Made His Movies

Manmohan Desai movies have a charm of their own. Long lost brothers, family songs, villain dens hidden behind garage doors and such other absurd logic were rampant in his movies. People who grew up in the 70s and 80s were awestruck even knowing that those were not possible in real life. Even the Big B has acknowledged in a few interviews that he used to laugh when MKD used to narrate the sequences. This piece of writing is just an imagination of how MKD would have used social networking in his movies, if they had been present during his time. Here are the 12 possible scenarios I could conceive of:- 1.Long lost brothers would have found themselves on Facebook through a family status update. 2.The suggested friends list of both the brothers will always show each other’s profile. 3.Twitter would have permitted more than 144 characters for the hero to express regards to his mother. 4.The Elder Brother will be permitted to give more than a 1000 likes for the same photograph of his younger brot…