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Men Require Legal Parity if and when Marital Rape Is Made A Crime In India

The moment you talk against Marital Rape, you’re labeled MCP. I’ve decidedto get labeled as a MCP to raise a few uncomfortable questions regardingthe rights of the so called brutal husbands in the event of a complaint ofMarital Rape.

To begin with, How the F will it be proved that a husband Fing his wifewas consensual or not? Indian society has a problem with sex outsidemarriage and very soon, thanks to a few over enthusiastic feminists verysoon the law will have a problem with sex in the marriage also.
Am I sounding like a right wingactivist? If you think yes, I’m not. If you still believe I’m, don’t read this further and waste your time, just ignore it, or if you’re on myfriends list, you can unfriend me or block me. The entire  concept of Marital Rape will be based on the premise that a wife will never land her husband into troubleeven if he is a savage. Those who believe in this are as archaic as theguy who says that females who wear jeans or short dresses invite rape. Thetruth is t…

Why's the middle class so snobby?

Today in the fish market, I saw an upper middle class couple telling to one of the ladies who cleans fishes "only Rs.15 per kg for cleaning not Rs.25. Don't be so  greedy, you'll go to hell"Wanted to ask do you negotiate similarly in malls,  schools, health clubs, etc?A few upper middle class snobs have problem in paying the poor or the poor getting a little more from the government.