Saturday, 2 May 2015

Men Require Legal Parity if and when Marital Rape Is Made A Crime In India

The moment you talk against Marital Rape, you’re labeled MCP. I’ve decided to get labeled as a MCP to raise a few uncomfortable questions regarding the rights of the so called brutal husbands in the event of a complaint of Marital Rape.

To begin with, How the F will it be proved that a husband Fing his wife was consensual or not? Indian society has a problem with sex outside marriage and very soon, thanks to a few over enthusiastic feminists very soon the law will have a problem with sex in the marriage also.

Am I sounding like a right wing
activist? If you think yes, I’m not. If you still believe I’m, don’t read this further and waste your time, just ignore it, or if you’re on myfriends list, you can unfriend me or block me. The entire  concept of Marital Rape will be based on the premise that a wife will never land her husband into trouble even if he is a savage. Those who believe in this are as archaic as the guy who says that females who wear jeans or short dresses invite rape. The truth is that there are countless Indian women who don’t mind using the law to land their husbands deep into trouble.

Why Marital Rape is a dangerous concept? You already have a dowry harassment act and a domestic violence act. Add to this, the concept of Marital Rape. Only a mad guy will continue to remain as a husband or agree to get married if this concept becomes a law. You can prove that you have not harassed your wife for dowry, or you can even prove that you did not indulge in domestic violence but how the F  are you going to prove that the last time you Fd your wife, it was with consent and not a rape.

What if a wife out of vengeance goes and complains to the police that lastnight her husband Fd her forcibily when it was not so? How does the husband prove that they were experimenting with rough sex, the previous night? Now, don’t act divine and tell that couples don’t indulge in such experiments, and that it is always done in the missionary pose, with undressing done as carefully as possible. Don’t couples have consensual sex, when the wife is having her periods?

What is consensual sex in a marriage and how to prove it? Is it that ahusband should insist his wife to give a signed document that she consents for sex on the night of 2nd May  or should he record the happenings to the point where the wife says `I agree for sex’. Will the conviction just go by statement of the wife?

If at all, Marital Rape has to be included under the definition of Rape, define without any restraints what consensual sex is, and how a husband
can prove that sex was consensual? A husband cannot be arrested or punished for marital rape just based on the statement of his wife? If seeking legal parity for Men is the proof of
being a MCP, please label me one.

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  1. I have so far ignored this issue for my own reasons, Balu. The problem with Marital Rape is that it cannot be defined, legally or any other way. It is basically one' sword against the other's. Our legal institutions are not Solomonesque!


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