Sunday, 26 April 2015

Why's the middle class so snobby?

Today in the fish market, I saw an upper middle class couple telling to one of the ladies who cleans fishes "only Rs.15 per kg for cleaning not Rs.25. Don't be so  greedy, you'll go to hell"

Wanted to ask do you negotiate similarly in malls,  schools, health clubs, etc?

A few upper middle class snobs have problem in paying the poor or the poor getting a little more from the government.

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  1. Of course Balu, the ten rupees saved will slowly build up so that one can afford marble flooring in one's bathroom, just like the neighbour has. Of course, the neighbour's neighbour (on the other side) have gold bathroom fittings! That will be done by, again, bargainig, for Rs. 10/-. That is why the middle class is 'so snobby"!


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