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If You Can Endure A Certain Loud Mouthed Journalist

If you can endure the loud mouthed journalist, self appointed questioner on behalf of the nation and be mentally healthy, the are more chances that you can:-a.  endure super sonic sounds.
b. Make sense of any argument in life.
c. don't require meditation classes
d. skip cardiac tests.
e. find NGC programs humorous
f. find the proverbial needle in a haystack.
g. count stars in the sky.
h. know answer why kitappa killed bahubali.
i. give better advice than Jeeves.
j. understand everything from Nuclear science to rocket launching to economic theories to recipes.
k. understand what is Bermuda triangle.
l. drive on Indian roads without stress.
m. find the real value of π.
n. appreciate music of sound.

Why Home Made Food Is So Good?

Is your nose delicious?
Won't eat what you preach is good Will eat what displeases your mood If you want, eat shoots and roots My taste buds want flesh and bones What you eat doesn't make you any good Demonising food isn't how you please any god. Don't poke your nose into my food If I find it delicious, it may end up as my food.
Home Made Food
For valid reasons, Home made food is healthy For obvious reasons, it is stomach friendly For unnamed reasons, it does not make you bulky All three reasons are one and the same, I know it silly They say child is god and never says a lie At the sight of home-made food, he or she does always cry
Contential, Punjabi or Chinese, a new recipe every time Hazarding a guess what it is, is my predicament every time
Get critical and you will find rice become paste Spice in sambar will make your rectum precipitate
A married man learns it the hard way To say, honey, have to go to office early today When he sees, Kesari Bath coming his way
Home Made Mysore Paks are …

The Problem With Religion

The problem with religion is it does not have reason
The problem with reason is it does not have faith
The problem with faith is it excepts you to be the same every season
The problem with season is, it's never straight
The problem with being straight, religion wants you be only in sex and not in life.
The problem with life is it started before religion
The problem with religion is lack of reason that has made difficult life.