Thursday, 7 July 2016

Why Home Made Food Is So Good?

Is your nose delicious?

Won't eat what you preach is good
Will eat what displeases your mood
If you want, eat shoots and roots
My taste buds want flesh and bones
What you eat doesn't make you any good
Demonising food isn't how you please any god.
Don't poke your nose into my food
If I find it delicious, it may end up as my food.

Home Made Food

For valid reasons, Home made food is healthy
For obvious reasons, it is stomach friendly
For unnamed reasons, it does not make you bulky
All three reasons are one and the same, I know it silly
They say child is god and never says a lie
At the sight of home-made food, he or she does always cry

Contential, Punjabi or Chinese, a new recipe every time
Hazarding a guess what it is, is my predicament every time

Get critical and you will find rice become paste
Spice in sambar will make your rectum precipitate

A married man learns it the hard way
To say, honey, have to go to office early today
When he sees, Kesari Bath coming his way

Home Made Mysore Paks are the hardest known substances
Needless to say, Gulab Jamoons are their nearest cousins.

Stand up in respect for
Milkmaid which has saved many a homemade khers
Chilly sauces which have helped upma disappear from plates
Food ordering apps which prevent cooking disasters on special days
Sigh in disgust at
The individual who said `the way to a man's heart is his stomach'
He sure left a bad taste in every man's mouth and a weak stomach.
Sigh in disgust
At the countless cookery programs and their recipes
Which has converted kitchens into laboratories

That sarcastic man when he says his wife's cooking is inspiring
Actually meant it keeps his sarcasm going.

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  1. Good ... about Mysore Pak, you have not bit into Jawbreakers! I have! I am lucky I still have my teeth, all of them!


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