Sunday, 25 May 2014

21 Reasons Why LIfe is Beautiful For A Bachelor

21 reasons why life is beautiful for a bachelor
1.       You can eat food of your choice not what is dished out
2.       Throwing wet towel on the bed is not considered insanity.
3.       Length of your hair and shaving schedule are entirely decided by you.
4.       No need to attain mastery in the `Art of waiting endlessly and patiently while your wife shops ’
5.       It is perfectly legal to forget anybody’s birthday including yours.
6.       Even if you fail to recognize a random relative nobody will make you feel miserable like a murderer.
7.       Knowing only six colors red, green, yellow, blue, black and white does not indicate the limitation of your IQ.
8.       You can negative feedback to the chef and he won’t yell back at you `I am going to my mother’s place’
9.       Watching football/cricket match on TV for the whole day does not destroy peace at home.
10.   Your refrigerator shall be free of lipstick; nail polish; two month old ice cream; three year old jasmine flowers and uneaten for ages food.
11.   You don’t have to listen how your mother has pampered you in childhood and spoilt you.
12.   It would never come to your notice even if your neighbour purchased a private jet.
13.   Parents can stay with you and not in old age homes.
14.   You can fight with your siblings and get back on friendly terms the next day itself.
15.   Female contacts in your phone are a threat to nobody.
16.   No need to understand unspoken words
17.   A family size suitcase will be sufficient to accommodate all your clothes, no need to invest in multiple wardrobes.
18.   Going for a weekend trip means a sling bag of clothes and not a family size suitcase
19.   You can get out of either side of the bed.
20.   Chances of developing `Stockholm syndrome’ for television soaps does not exist.
21.   Last but not the least, no need to spend weekends compiling such experiences.

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