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Why is the Indian Cricket Fan angry?

Indian team has made its most ignominious exit from World Cup since 1992,the average Indian Fan is angry. The experts of the game as well as the incapable team members are taking shelter in the guise that this after all a game. The average Indian Cricket Fan is being ridiculed for taking things to heart and that they don't understand cricket. This is nothing but the typical story of trying to cut off the branch of the tree on which you are seated. The media is also being questioned for making a national issue out of the defeat.
I am ready to buy the arguments provided somebody is willing to give answers for the following questions:-
a. Would our cricket stars have made so much money from endorsements but for the emotional Indian Cricket Fan on the street. Dear Cricketers, it is his blind faith that made the sponsors dole out such huge cheque to you. There are sports which involve a lot more sweating on the field than cricket, those players don't earn such astronomic sums.
b. Who…