Saturday, 27 October 2012

Satire Facebook status updates by me on Marriage and Love

A compilation of status updates on Facebook posted by me about marriage and love. This is what you do when you run out blog ideas. Anyhow enjoy it if you have taken the trouble to read this blog.

Friend 1 : There is total consensus in every decision made at my home.
Friend 2: Great, your wife is such a nice lady
Friend1: No, she always makes the decision and I have to always give the consent :p :p :p"


If there were no memories, there would be no poems, novels, pshycatrists and
most importantly Mr. Mallya will be in serious financial trouble :p"


"Everytime I see a guy getting married, I am happy that there will be one more pleasantly tortured guy on the streets :p"

"How to understand a woman?

That book is written in 800 words

The book first asks you what language you know and becomes legible in the language you have no idea about

Eg for a chinese in telugu :-P"


"If in a jewellery/garment shop, you find a guy in casuals, staring at nothing,
you can take it for granted that he is married and patiently waiting for his wife
 to make her choice :-P:-P:-P"

"What sort of husband a girl hopes for?

An Idol like behaved guy but who is not Idle and earns more than an Ideal income has lot of idle time to
 idolise her attitudes. now tommorrow no Idlis for me If my wife sees this :p"


Guys, your wife may not know Karate or Judo but sure she knows how to aim the rolling pin at you :-P:-P:-P"

"If your dreams dont motivate you, let your nightmare do that and if both dont, get married.:-P:-P"


The guy who said "All good things have to come to an end " obviously had his bachelorhood in mind :-P:-P:-P"

"Dont laugh at your wife's choice because one of them is you,
ofcourse you can get angry at her :p"

"Home made food is healthy because you can’t have too much of it:-P:-P:-P:-P"

"An intelligent husband is one who knows to say "No"
 when his wife says "you like it". : :p

"I don't know how men forget their anniversaries, how can you forget the day when you became a willing victim :p :p :p :p"
Every man should get married, only marriage can get the philosopher or humourist
 out of you :-P:-P:-P"
"Marriage is the perfect example for how Pavlov's effect works :P"

"Boy "I love you more than my life"

Girl "Ok, how much are you insured for?""

"love is the biggest blunder one can commit."


All woman hate make up, dieting, so how come cosmetic companies, dieticians are growing ? :-P"
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