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33 lessons you can learn from People vs Tech by Jamie Bartlett

1. The 6 key pillars that make a democracy work  and how technology threatens their existence.
 2.  20 suggestions for how democracy machines in order to survive in an era of    ubiquitous intelligent machines, big data and digital public sphere.
3.  Hardly anyone ever read the terms and conditions that    they tick  ,  because they are long and only comprehensible to a contract lawyer with a background in software engineering and one day a week to spare.  A few years ago ,  a British  firm included a clause that asked for permission  to claim now and for evermore,  your Immortal soul and no one bothered.
4.  In the  bowels of every inspirationally branded tech firm  some of the World's smartest Minds    are paid small fortunes to work out why you click on things, and to get you to click on more things.
5.  How addictions to  alcoholism and tobacco are giving way to digital dependency.
6. The scary thing about modern big data algorithms is how they can figure things out about us…