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Guru Devo Bhava :Teacher is God

Parents are the one who give birth to us but teachers (Gurus) are the ones who mould us. Teachers are like sculptors, they can shape the society from being a good one to a great one. Here are some of them who shaped my life and made me whatever I am today:
Mathew madam - Whatever little I write in English, I owe it to Mathew madam. She taught me both in the middle and high school. She would nurse a dull student but would never tolerate an intelligent but indisciplined one and thus got the ignominious nickname Peyi (Ghost). She was from a rich background and used to bear the education expenses of many poor students. Even today mention of the word discipline brings to my mind image of Mathew madam and VD sir.
V Doreswamy Iyengar– He taught me accountancy and commerce in junior college. He was perfect in accounts and had a commanding voice. If you cannot understand accountancy taught by him, the possibility is that you have vacuum between your ears. He would suddenly prop-up questions from…

Nukkad celebrate Barrack Obama's victory

This is only a tribute to the makers of Nukkad, the popular TV Serial which ran during the 80’s. Due to my inability to write in Hindi, I am writing all the dialogues in English.
I will be willing to give the pseudo-copy rights of this episode if somebody can translate it into Hindi. Any inconsistencies please excuse because I have written the dialogues with whatever I remember about these characters.
This is just an imagination of how the election of Barack Obama as Prez of US would have been welcomed in Nukkad
This episode starts off with the theme song “Bade Sehar ke ek gali mein basa hua hai Nukkad”.
Enter Teacherji, Guru gives her the yearning glance and she announces “Listen, Obama has become the President of USA and it is great honor for us because his family still lives in a nukkad like ours”
Dukhiya“What use it is to us?”
Guru “Aree, Dukhiya, what is the use in being you born, Teacherji knows better than all of us, when she says better listen”
Thambi (in a low tone) “Carry on Gu…

A Kenyan by descent can become President of the USA

What could be the biggest lesson that Indians can learn from Barrack Obama becoming the 44th President of US of A? Barrack Obama is a Kenyan by descent but that did not prevent him from becoming the President elect.Subsequent to his election, nobody has questioned his nationality; nobody has questioned his commitment to the country; nobody has questioned his religion; nobody has questioned whether he would compromise with a fundamentalist group on security of the country; nobody has vowed to go bald if he took oath as the President of America.
During 2004 when Sonia Gandhi was tipped to become the PM of India, the country witnessed a lot of protests. A particular lady leader’s throat went hoarse crying that Sonia Gandhi was actually “Sonia Mario” and how her children name also resembled Italian names, etc, etc. How Rajiv Gandhi had got converted into Christianity before marriage became a subject of national debate? PILs were filed in the Supreme Court questioning her possible appointm…

Dont abbreviate KISS

Acronyms have made our lives so convenient. Emails, ATM, etc are used by us subconsciously. Some use acronyms without knowing their expansion and quite often, situations in life throw their own new meanings for existing acronyms.
Disclaimer: Most of the acronyms used here have been received by me through emails/SMS.
I understand that a distant country named Ediot Who-swallowed-it-ya have had its own sub-crime crisis. Any royalty accrued from this blog will be donated towards SCREW (Sub Crime Relief for Ediot Who-swallowed-itya) since the acronyms used here are not my original creation.
ABCD is American Born Confused Desi, what would be A to Z, here it goes, American Born Confused Desi Emigrated From Gujarat Housed In Jersey Keeps Lotsa Models (what’s that?) Named Omkarnath Patel Quietly Reached Success Through Underhand Vicious Ways Xenophobic Yet Zealous.
Talking of NRI’s, one of the funny expansions is Not Reliable Indian which I don’t find funny because many of them do a good work. …

Implants are the in-thing

The mention of the word implants no longer rings the moral bell in anybody’s ears, that situation was years ago. Implants are the in-thing. If you see at the end of the day, there is nobody free from the need for an implant.

It is a known secret that every female celebrity who want increased ba… err eyeballs has to go in for an implant  .
Given the number of heroes who take off their shirt and what not, there is a distinct possibility that some of them may have had implants.
Recently global economies had an implant in the form of a bailout package.
Indian cricket team for the past decade or so has been having an implant of foreign coaches.
Lyrics writers devoid of ideas have an implant of remixes.
Politicians devoid of issues have an implant of regional/religious passions. They further require an implant of bogus votes to win elections.
Broadcasters devoid of programmes have an implant of reality shows.
Reality shows require implant of controversies to sustain TRPs
Reality show contestant…

Good bye to Anil Kumble, a competitor and a true gentleman

Don Bradman could not get a boundary in his last innings and Anil Kumble was hit for a boundary off the last ball of his career. No, I am not comparing the two but when it came to playing the game in the right spirit, Anil Kumble was only a couple of notches below the Don.
Anil Kumble made his debut for India in 1990 and could make a comeback only during the historic South African Tour of India. Blame it on the idiosyncrasies of the Indian selectors, Jumbo never made it to the ill-fated Australian tour of 1991-92. Had Kumble played in that series, being an unknown propotion and the Aussies historic aversion to leg spin, India would have had better memories of that series? This was also the last series of the famous batsman Dilip Vengsarkar whose scores in the series put to shame most of the emergency numbers in India. It was in a test match in SA, that Kumble first took 5 wickets in an innings and after that there was no looking back. The Englishmen on the 1993 tour were flummoxed by K…

Crticial Thinking an introduction by Alec Fisher - opinions

Critical Thinking – an introduction by Alec Fisher
This book is for all those who want to make and evaluate argument in a logical, dispassionate manner. This book aims to dispel the popular noting that “critical thinking” is a negative trait. The book in addition to being lucid in theory contains 220 questions to tackle, understand and appreciate the process of critical thinking. The book has been arranged into 11 chapters and contains an interesting add-on in the form of a glossary.
In the first chapter, the author introduces the flow of the book using the concept of a basketball coach at school level. In the next chapter, the author educates us that conclusion can come anytime during an argument i.e. either at the beginning, middle or ending. The language of reasoning given in the book is worth its weight in gold. The third chapter teaches us the various types of reasoning and how to draw more than one conclusion. The section in which he explains the difference between an argument a…