Friday, 15 January 2016

A Compliation of Jokes on Marriage and Wives Nobody Will Laugh At (Part II)

If my love is a lemon, you're the greased dish

Nothing can make a husband sleep immediately
than the words "i want to talk to you"

Husbands are not disappointed with flipkart sale, they are used to it.

A husband trying to make his wife see reason is as impossible as trying to throw a stone into the sky, if anything it comes back, it’s to hit him hard.

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Monday, 11 January 2016

My Experiments With New Year Resolutions

I.                   My Resolutions

My resolutions are like the hair dye I apply
Never lasts beyond the seventh day

More resolute than the morning dew
Less certain than the pot of gold at end of the rainbow

Legend of flopped resolutions which inspire dear and near never to have one.

Resolutions, Resolutions, every year, yet to fulfill even one.

Rich wish death got my commitment to resolutions
Poor would do well if their sufferings met the fate of my resolutions.

To watch more TV, eat junk food and to read less
Such a resolution may find salvation.
A clean country and a tolerant society
Not worrying about what I eat or write
To never say might is right or vice-versa
Never part of the new year resolutions of anyone in the country

II.   Fate of my resolutions

Once I resolved no longer road rage
No more the abuses and slur.
The muscular guy who overtook me curtly
Said the four letter word and drew away.
I smiled, it’s okay, I’m not gay.

The next guy showed me his middle finger.
I dismissed the resultant anger
Because it neither impressed me
Nor was in any real danger

Mind you both the times I was following the rule
Impressed with my patience, I was in praise of my attitude
I put the right indicator and took the free left.
A gentleman behind me politely reminded I’m breaking the rule
Then started my string of abuse.

III.           Why I don’t ask others resolution?

I used to poke my nose into others business
I don’t let others to because I have no business
Knowing others New Year resolutions is cool
The urge ended when I was made to look like a fool
When a junior of mine replied `1024 x 768’
Till date, I don’t even ask others what you ate.

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