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N+ 1 important reasons with which parents compel their daughters to get married

Important reasons used by parents to coerce their daughters to get married:-
1.The boy holds a US green card. 2.This boy’s house is demanding ½ the dowry which the previous one asked for. 3.The boy’s mother is dead and he has no sisters, things cannot get better for you. 4.The boy’s father has a lot of property and he is the only son. 5.I want to marry off, both you and your younger sister before I retire. 6.If you wait any further, it will be difficult to find a groom. 7.This is the right age for girls to get married. 8.He is your uncle’s son; you are bound to marry him.
Reason 9 to N+1,  We can no longer put up with your tantrums and shopping bills, it is time somebody else took on your responsibility :P :D

Dummy's guide to staying single (Part II)

Here are the 13 myths you should overcome, if you want to remain single and happy:

Behind every successful man there is a womanFace is the index of mind.Marriage shall double my happiness.She comes from a joint family so she will adjust with my parents and siblings.The girl will come as beautifully dressed, be mild mannered and obedient as she appeared on the first day I saw her.My mother likes herThe snacks served to me at her home were all made by her.As a colleague, she always helped me in finishing my presentations.The one day she came to my bachelor’s accommodation, she arranged all the mess.As a girl friend, she laughs and smiles even at my failings.My day turns out to be fabulous every time I see her in the morning.With my positive attitude I will prove that the jokes on marriage are just that.She is employed so she will be realistic in her expectations about her husband.

Dummy's guide to staying single (Part I)

Indian Bachelor's who want to stay happy can follow these to stay happy & be. These are 21 important reasons parents give their son's to get them married. If you can master responses to these you can stay single :-

1.You are getting old, look at your friends they have school going children. 2.Get married now, only than your children will be well settled by the time you retire. 3.Get married so that there is somebody to cook for you when you become old. 4.I am scared of the girls who are your friends on Facebook. 5.Grandmother or grandfather is serious and would like to see you married before they die. 6.I have promised your uncle to bring his daughter to this home as daughter in law. 7.Your uncle has lot of property, all will be lost if somebody else marries his daughter. 8.Everybody is asking me why your son is not interested in marriage, is he gay? 9.I want to see my grandchildren before I die. 10.That month is the best muhurtam you will get in 20 years. 11.As per your horoscope, …

Superstitious Subbu

Bakrapur to UB City - The Legend of Urban Baba - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3The Slaying of AnAsura
When AnAsura heard about Sage Viparyasa’s vow, he laughed it off by saying `what sort of sage he is if continuance of his penance depends on a suraksha chakra? Let him execute his vow, I care a damn about it. I know my death is destined to be caused by the trick of the Devas but before that happens I will scare the shit out of them’. Soon, a severe battle raged between the Devas and Asuras. This battle was fought in the now Bakrapur which always was a favorite hunting ground for the Asuras. It was a do or die battle for both and the Devas were loosing it badly. AnAsura was a brilliant strategist and he was in his elements during the battle. When at a particular point during the battle Devas were gaining the upper hand, AnAsura ordered his army to scatter and run towards summit of the mountain peak. Thoug…

Bakrapur to UB City - The legend of Urban Baba - Chapter 2

Continued from
Chapter 2 The Times of Sage Viparyasa.
Sage Viparyasa was a genius among saints. His knowledge of the scriptures was unparalleled among contemporaries.  He had a lot of divine powers except that of creating other forms of life. When it came to creating a human life, he was eager and very competent at that. He could never resist the temptation of an attractive woman’s body. He was considered a vagabond amongst sages because of this weakness. Quite a few of his penances were broken with the help of sensuous women cavorting in his presence. He went to the extent of bedding women devotees who came to seek his blessings. However, none of the affected woman complained because they felt that being seduced by him was a blessing.  It actually proved to be a curse for many of them because they were disowned when their families came to know of it. These families were not broad minded like a mythical dy…

I Will Be Back

Once, the mention of my name brought a lot of despair in most households, especially if heard during late nights and early mornings. However, the mood turned joyous if I was asked to convey a birth in the household. By now you would have guessed, Yes, I am the telegram and have made my exit today. I have become outdated thanks to email, SMS, Whatsapp and god knows what and all. Earlier I did wade of a stiff challenge from the Page but now I have lost the war.  Nobody uses me any longer and I am being terminated because I have become uneconomical to maintain. My glorious journey of 160 plus years has come to an end.
How times change? Until the start of this millennium, I had a special place of pride. Every Government office and reputed company had a grams id. I was the fastest means of communication available in the good old days, when even a landline connection at home, was a rarity. I was used to communicate deaths, births, arrival, departure, job interviews, etc. Government offices a…

Bakrapur to UB City - The legend of Urban Baba

Chapter 1

Welcome to Bakrapur

Welcome to Bakrapur. The residents abhor it being called so.  It was previously called Barakapur, which meant a blessed place, but thanks to an insensitive English surveyor it became Bakrapur. In mythology, it was called Asuradhama later named as Barakapur by invaders from Arab.   These days most urbanites call it the Urban Baba’s City (UB City). The rationalists jeer by saying `it is more sensible to have an UB product, than to believe in Urban Baba’. Bakrapur is located on the seaside and is connected by NH 333. A few years back it was a god forsaken place but a beautiful one, surrounded by hills; lots of greenery and seashore making it a peninsula. Unpolluted air; a clear water lake; loud chirping of the birds; spectacular visions of sunrise and sunset were once part of Bakrapur. Now, it is a concrete jungle with most of its natural beauty torn apart.

In the folklore of Bakrapur, the place and hills were cursed. The hills are called `Asura Parvath’. The A…