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Chikungunya/Dengue Mosquito breeding Centre in Bangalore thanks to BBMP

The attached video is of a Chikungunya/ Dengue Mosquitos breeding
centre at 14th Cross, Indiranagar 2nd Stage, Bangalore 560038, which is
flourishing thanks to the laxity of Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (the
authority in charge of ensuring public health and drainage
maintenance). Water stagnates in this drain and no action is taken to
clear its choking. Now it has become a breeding place for mosiqutos.
Chikungunya has broken out in Karnataka and it seems BBMP is only
facilitating spreading of such diseases. In this case citizens are to
be equally blamed for dumping various wastes in the drain.

An owl on my back

The phrase “getting monkey of the back” is quite popular. How about an owl on your back? A couple of days back an owl got perched to the extension of my office window right behind my seat. Since there is a lot of greenery in my office campus, a lot of doves and occasionally crows sit near the window but this was the first time an owl had come. I did not notice it as I was engrossed in my work. After attending to the routine briefing of my boss, I came back to my seat, when a few office boys were trying to shoo it off. The owl would have none of it and stuck to his guns. It was only then I came to know about this owl on my back. Possibly it was hurt or just waiting for dark to set in. I shooed them asking them to mind their own business.

Somebody asked “Are you not worried about an owl so close to you?” I replied “It is only the owl which has to be worried about getting so close to human beings”. Next came a fortune teller, who told “This is auspicious, you will get lots of money” I re…

Ads that linger in my mind

Ads have become an inevitable part of our lives, more so, if you are a couch potato. I remember the days when we were required to pay tax for keeping a radio or TV. That was the only revenue for these authorities. With the advent of TV ads, this system went out of vogue. In the plethora of Ads, only a few stay back in our memories and they linger for ever. Such of those ads which linger in my mind till date have been keyed below with most of them from the 80s and a fair sprinkling from the 90s as well.

The first major TV ad I watched was “Only Vimal” during the dreadful India – West Indies series of 1983.

The first smartest ad one can recall was for the Godrej Shaving Cream, wherein one guys takes a market survey of all men with the standard question “Sir, which shaving cream do you use?” and at the end a bearded man turns back and asks “Me?”.

Liril was a blasphemous ad those days with a semi-nude women going under the waterfall in a bikini. As a growing boy, I could watch it only when…

My dramatic debut at reaching home late

I am on the Government rolls but working for a schedule oriented organisation like ISRO means as good as working for a MNC and reaching home late is but inevitable. In addition to the work schedule, once in a while I party with my friends though I am a teetotaler. None of the reaching home late was as dramatic as the first time I reached home late.

My debut in reaching home late happened when I went to pay the fees for a professional course. At that time I was in second year of my degree course and was passionate about becoming a cost accountant. I was staying in Banaswadi and the institute was located in Basavangudi atleast 25 kms away from my home. Given the pathetic state of mass transport in Bangalore at that time, this was quite a distance to travel. My mother would not let me go by cycle and hence I was forced to go by bus. I reached the institute pretty late at 7pm, though I left home at 4pm. The queue was lengthy and at around 8 pm, I reached the cash counter. The clerk poin…

Railways acts on my corruption complaint


Vide the aforesaid blog, I had narrated about the corruption practiced by a TC on 15/04/2008 in Train No.1058. The concerned TC had sold of our seats to unauthorized passengers. I had filed a complaint with the Central Vigilance Commission and continuously pestered them for action. All this was done through e-mail. Finally they have relented and Railways vide his letter dated 2008/g.130/06/001/VI dated 11/09/2008 has informed me that disciplinary proceedings has been initiated against Mr. DK Chouhan, Hd.TTE/CST, Mumbai and Randhir Kumar, TTE/Bhusawal. This is not the end of pursuance of the matter by me, I will follow this issue till action is taken against the concerned and if required be I will travel to Mumbai to give any witness in the case.

I am not projecting myself as a hero but bringing this to the notice of all concerned only to highlight that educated people who have resource…

When the groom's dress went missing! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. ha!ha!

I despise marriage receptions which start half an hour beyond scheduled time, to the extent that I have walked out of such functions in the recent past. I feel that it reflects that the hosts don’t have any respect or regards for their guests because the same set of people don’t have any problem in starting the muhurat on time the very next day even if it is at 3am. Possibly we fear the unknown stars more than respect the known guests.

When I got married all my emphasis was that the reception should start on time. The reception was scheduled to start at around 630pm and almost till 5pm I was personally monitoring the situation. The custom in my place is that the groom’s dress will be given by the bride’s side before the marriage reception. At around 5pm, I went to receive the esteemed dress but found my in-laws blinking at each other. Nobody knew where my dress was and the only person who knew it was my wife and she had gone to the beauty parlour. Those were the days when mobile phone…