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A Tribute To P G Wodehouse On His 133rd Birth Anniversary

It was P G Wodehouse’s 133rd Birth Anniversary on October 15th and in that sense, this is a belated birthday wish.
I have always wondered why PG Wodehouse is the most important writer in English Literature only next to Shakespeare. Is it just the humour, which his writing is so full of? Is it the language which is so easy to understand yet impeccable when it comes to grammar? I am yet to satisfactorily answer myself.
I was first introduced to P G Wodehouse in 1988 by an English lecturer of mine, Mr Sathyanarayana. The thought of introducing me to PGW’s works came to him because in debate competitions, I laced my arguments with a bit of humour to make my point. I am indebted to my lecturer for life for this turning point but after reading a couple of books at college, I totally forgot the works of PGW to concentrate on what the accounting books had to teach me.
It took me another 20 odd years and 2 bouts of treatment for depression to realize the value of reading the Master to take life…