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Chennai shopping fire: will the lessons be learnt?

A prominent shop in Chennai recently caught fire and it is claimed that crores of property has been damaged. Thankfully, it was in the early hours of the day and hence there has been no reported life loss. The building is located one of the narrowest lines of T. Nagar, Chennai. There are a few more prominent shops on this narrow bylane which minus all the encroachments may have a 6 or 7 feet road. I have been on this by-lane many a times and believe me it is not worth to locate vegetable shops forget mega shopping centers.

On expected lines, the regional media has gone on a overdrive on how such a construction should not have been allowed on a narrow bylane blah, blah. These were the same channels which every 10th minute show an advertisement of one of these “illegally constructed” shops. The usual drama of demolition notices, court suits, protests by “poor” shopkeepers, stay on demolition, etc. will follow. Very soon all will be forgotten, the ads will be back; so will the discount hu…

A death trap for pedestrians in Bangalore (video blog0

Encroachment of Footpaths is a way of life in Bangalore thanks to the
laxity of the concerned authorities. More often than not the Pedestrian
risk their lifes and limbs to walk on the road. Here is an example of
the perfect death trap for pedestrians in Bangalore where neither they
have the footpath nor the road to walk.
This is the part of Indiranagar 100ft Road, Bangalore where the Metro
Rail work is going on. Vehicles are cramped for space and it is only
but essential that the footpath is kept clear. However, the concerned
authorities as usual are least both about the Pedestrians. The entire
stretch of footpath has been encroached in some way or the other
especially you will see between the 38th Second and 50 Second of this
video that a builder has dumped all this construction material on the
footpath leaving no space at all for the pedestrian to walk on the
footpath. Don’t know if the concerned authorities have seen this or
What will happen, at best, a pedestrian may get run over by a vehic…

Will we able to tell our grandchildren? 9an expression of hope)

Will we be able to tell our grandchildren one day?
Life on Earth was once besieged by global warming
Melting glaciers; rising rivers; climate changes were order of the day
Foreseeing doomsday, greenery became passion of every earthling
We recovered the greenery and kept the poachers at bay
Dear grandchildren, ensure that the spirit keeps glowing

Will we be able to tell ……………
Those were the days when corruption crippled the country
Bribes to get our rights, jobs even corpses cremated
Wincing and squirming, the educated complied day after day
Until their weird cowardice was self-defeated
With knowledge and resolve, they dismantled this organised treachery
Dear grandchild, ensure that the demon is always kept at bay

Will we be able to tell…?
Our forefathers fought against slavery
We fought amongst ourselves for language, caste and religion
Water, jobs, God all became tools of divisive conspiracy
Scheming godmen and cunning leaders exploited public emotion
Fed up of feuding against his kin, the Indian gav…