Saturday, 7 December 2013

N+ 1 important reasons with which parents compel their daughters to get married

Important reasons used by parents to coerce their daughters to get married:-

1.       The boy holds a US green card.
2.       This boy’s house is demanding ½ the dowry which the previous one asked for.
3.       The boy’s mother is dead and he has no sisters, things cannot get better for you.
4.       The boy’s father has a lot of property and he is the only son.
5.       I want to marry off, both you and your younger sister before I retire.
6.       If you wait any further, it will be difficult to find a groom.
7.       This is the right age for girls to get married.
8.       He is your uncle’s son; you are bound to marry him.

Reason 9 to N+1,  We can no longer put up with your tantrums and shopping bills, it is time somebody else took on your responsibility :P :D

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