Friday, 12 October 2012

If the apple that fell on Newton's head...........

What would have happened if the apple that fell on Newton’s head had fallen on the following  heads

Myself – I would have thanked my stars for a free apple.

Arvind Kejriwal – he would have investigated to which politician the orchard belonged to.

Silent Man of India – He would not open his mouth even to eat the apple leave alone comment or think on it or even if he opens his mouth he would say he never noticed it falling on his head.

Anti Left Lady from the East of India – She will say the apple is a leftist which wanted to hurt her intellect.

Chetan Bhagath – He will write a book `a day in the apple orchard’.

Ravi Shastri – it came like a tracer bullet.

Khap Panchayat Leader – they should not allow the apples to ripen.

Apple  – That apple may fall but not this APPLE unless the mango people don’t become jackfruits

Confused Accounting Gentelman of India – This has caused 196 followed by as many no of zeros you want loss to the exchequer

India TV reporter – this is the handiwork of a creature from Mars whom we just saw

Vijay Mallya – this will be the dress code for the models in my next calendar

Arnab Goswami – The nation demands an answer how the apple could fall exactly on my head when I was sitting under it. Don’t go away we will back in a couple of minutes on Newshour.

MS Dhoni – well, you know, the apple, you know, did not know that we carry the weight of a billion people on our shoulders and we cannot carry a bulb on our head

George Bush – This Apple is a part of Saddam’s WMD and we should bomb Iraq once again, somewhere he is hiding

Sreedevi – Apple Gipple falling gilling on gone my hi head shed

IIPM Scholar – think beyond  gravity.

Tamil Nadu leader – The water used for growing this apple could have been given to us.

…………. I have run out of imagination and hence the end.


  1. LOL.. nice one again Balu... keep it coming

  2. If you had had more imagination, I would have committed unintentional suicide - by laughing myself to death.

    Yours is a fertile mind, but not fatally (for me) so!

    The only "mistake" I noticed was the anti left lady saying "hurt". She would have said "improved", me thinks


  3. This is one of the best post I ave read here. Very funny :)

  4. hahaha ... thats a good one.. :) cheers...........

  5. Damn hilarious. I know I have started my day right.


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