Saturday, 6 October 2012

I Me and Myself define who the COMMON MAN is

I, Me and Myself met up to discuss the adverse impact of Government’s reform measures on the COMMON MAN at this restaurant which is not common either in terms of menu or the price tag
I believes that even a guy who owns a successful   .com is a common man and entitled to all the benefits a guy in a house big as this is entitled to.
Me believes I.
Myself believes that anybody who daily earns  less  than   X + (X-5)*X/27 - 4% VAT IS A COMMON MAN   where X is the famous figure available in the link in the equation.
As always our consciences ICON, MECON AND MYSELFCON accompanied us.
I started by saying `inflation is unbearable and now this increase in price of diesel and limitation of subsidized gas cylinders, we the common man are doomed’
ICON `possibly government wants our savings to have a size zero look’
Me `the running cost of my diesel car will increase. This is anti-common man’
Myself `when did car become a common man’s vehicle?’
I `because he drives it by himself’
ICON `thank god, he did not tell because he drives it without the A/C on’
Me `how to manage our budget with 6 subsidised gas cylinders’
MECON `certainly big worry for a guy who has an Italian kitchen with state of art cooking systems’
ICON `the problem is six subsidised gas cylinders will not be enough even to fuel his delivery vans for a month’’
Myself `if we are a common man, than what do you call the guy who earns Rs.35 a day?’
ICON `man in coma because only he can earn such ridiculously low amounts’
I `let him name himself whatever he wants, we have taken over common man space’
Me `and we are entitled to it, we pay the taxes, the toll charges, what he does do except feed off the Government’
MECON `Wonder who takes the tax deductions, fuel subsidies, subsidised IIT seats, etc’
Myself `why should an individual with a good five figure monthly salary require subsidised gas cylinders?’
ICON`this common man loves only free hits when it comes to subsidies’
I `let them give six subsidised gas cylinders but either double its size or increase its fuel efficiency’
ICON ` here afterwards even the gas delivery boy will not be spared of this question
Me `we end up paying huge sums for the education of our children, over and above this increase in fuel and cooking gas cost’’
MECON` government should come up with a proposal - free fuel and domestic gas to all those parents who send their children to government schools’
ICON ` instead the common man will prefer to eat uncooked food :p’
Myself `common man wants world class infrastructure but not pay for it’
I `money does not grow on the tree even for us’
ICON `as it is we have cut all the trees’
Me `let the government introduce FDI in retail and whatever sector they want, we welcome it’
I `let them abolish the subsidies to poor which is making them lazy’
Myself `so you both don’t mind the small retailer going out of business or the poor dying out of hunger’
I `why should we, after all we will get cheaper products, more jobs and cheaper fuels if such reforms are implemented’
Myself `you can’t see behind your immediate needs, I am quitting this argument, let’s talk something else’
MYSELFCON `you should not only quit this argument but quilt these guys together’

As the three switch topics, ICON, MECON AND MYSELFCON indulge in singing
Common ,Common, Common Man
He can never think behind his clan
Hates to sacrifice even the pie in his chart
Desire to feed on the system makes him feel smart
Government to him is like the bell in Pavlov’s effect

Common, Common, Common Man
He can never think behind his clan
He doesn’t mind to pay for a luxury
But cribs to pay for a necessity
Government he feels is the almighty
Which should build a strong and efficient country
While subsidizing his kitty to make it a bounty

Common, Common Common Man
He can never think behind his clan
If only he can

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