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Dissenting Diagnosis by Dr Arun Gadre and Dr Abhay Shukla
This blog is more of a book recommendation than a book review
This book is an eye opener on the frauds that go in the healthcare industry. We cannot avoid going to a hospital but such books help us to be aware of the pitfalls in the treatment we are getting. We cannot avoid all of them.
The book is priced at a nominal Rs.399/-. It is written in simple language avoiding medical jargon to the extent possible. The book is divided into 12 logically arranged chapters each discussing the ails of the medical sector in India.

Note about the authors.
Both the authors are qualified and are not just talking through their hats.
Dr Arun Gadre is a gynaecologist.
Dr Abhay Shukla is a public health physician, with a post-graduate degree in community medicine from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

Chapter 1 contains an interview with Dr Vijay Ajgaonkar, Senior Diabetologist, Mumbai – The contents of this chapter should send chill through the nerves of all `Diabetes patients’
Chapter 2 – Malpractices in Private Hospitals lists the following
1.            Malpractice during diagnosis
2.            Unnecessary Investigations.
3.            Unnecessary Procedures/Operations/ Surgeries.
4.            Commissions/ Cut Practice
5.            Lack of Regulation
6.            Inflated Bills.
7.            Making money through medicines inappropriately

Chapter 3 – The Toxic Influence of Pharmaceutical Companies.
This is spread through inducements to doctors (Doctors are taken on foreign trips by pharmaceutical companies);  Aggressive, Predatory Marketing (Doxycycline an established antibiotic that costs Rs.1 is no longer produced, instead they add a useless component like lactobacillus and sell it for Rs.5).

Chapter 4 – Health Care becomes an Industry: The Growing Influence of Corporate and Multi-specialty Hospitals
                The portion on `Commercial Demands and Target-Related Pressures on Doctors’ is well known to most of us but what is related in this space makes you cringe on the crass commercialization of the most noble profession.

Chapter 5 – Social Attitudes and Policy Content
                Patients armed with internet knowledge on symptoms, medi-claim policy which makes a patient yearn for a five star hospital treatment. The chapter also discusses about The Harmful Influence of Private Medical College.

Chapter 6 discusses Some Solutions suggested by Doctors to stem the rot in the medical field
Chapter 7 Physicians, Heal Thy System!
Chapter 8 What Rights Do I Have as a Patient In A Private Hospital?
A total of 9 each equally important rights have been discussed but the least exercised one according to me is the Right to Seek Second Opinion. Not even one Indian doctor discusses about this with the patient. In most cases, they bring about a fait accompli for the patient’s dependants.
Chapter 9 How Can I Recognise a Rational, Ethical Doctor?
You should buy and read this book just for this chapter

Chapter 10 How Should The Private Medical Sector Be Regulated?
I wish someone in the Government looks into it. Hospitals have become like star hotels each has his own rate card for treatment
Chapter 11 Moving Towards A System For Universal Health Care
Chapter 12 Joining Hands For Healing The Health Sector.

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