Thursday, 5 October 2017

Mathematics Teachers Should Understand

Mathematics teachers should understand the following basic facts

If X doesn't want to be found, respect it's privacy until it has violated the laws of the land. Don't teach children to stalk by repeatedly asking them to find X

Don't teach children to borrow at an young age itself

Steps are not always, everyone has a shortcut on their desktops

Nobody builds a wall with 10 people and later build one more to find out how many days it will take.

A person who tries to fill  a water tank at one end and keeps emptying it at the other has a psychological problem. His madness should not be posed as a problem to students
There are easier ways to find the diameter of a circle than through complicated formulaes


  1. Ha ha ha ha....mind blowing dimensions.

  2. Maths is the simplest subject provided one has brains. :)

  3. Sir, have you seen this video (humour)?

    It is an interview of a maths teacher :-)

  4. Recently a whatsapp video going rounds on adding 2 and 2 making it 22. If a student feels that way, do not disrepct it by saying he is wrong. If you have the right to say 2 and 2 is 4, the student has the right to say 2 and 2 makes it 22.


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