Sunday, 24 December 2017


GFY means Go F*** Yourself

Is it just an abuse? It is mainly an abuse. An abuse like Biryani can have different variants.

You are trying to dissuade a friend from proposing to a girl/boy who you know is going to make your friend an emotional wreck but his/her basic instincts have taken over, at the time just to de-clog the mind of the individual you would say

   `GFY a few times, if you still feel the urge, go ahead and propose"
    Here you are suggesting a physical action as a tool of self-realisation.

You are fed up of a friend/colleague's nagging and just want to let go the steam, and you end up saying
   `GFY, Don't bother me'
Here  you  are venting out your frustration, and rather vociferously making known to the other individual that you are not taking any more crap from him/her

In a liberal office atmosphere, you can use it after giving your subordinate/boss a piece of your mind
However, it is better avoided with a member of the fairer sex because either it can be used against you in a sexual harassment case or worse even in a defamation case (If you don't get this, please stop reading the blog here itself because you deserve to be watching Doremon)

Politicians being the sanskaris they don't directly say but their actions after elections say it very loudly, and after all, action speaks louder than words.
Stalkers should take this seriously because it will help them. I mean if you have such an urge about someone, it is better to subsidise the symptom through self-help methods. It is based on the adage `It is better to be safe than sorry", and in this case, it becomes `It is better to GFY rather than do that with someone's else life"

Every time we are sold a dummy, the seller says it to us but it is just that we realise it later.

  And finally, fate's calling card contains this as a tagline.

Well, if you have read till this point, you would have realised that this blog is utter crap, and you would either want to say it to me or want to say to yourself (more likely the latter), GFY.

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