Saturday, 16 August 2008

50-60% OFF, grab even if it is scrap

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These are the days of rising prices and everybody is looking to get maximum goods at available incomes. In this milieu, we have given a go-by to the word “quality”. The middle class mindset has become so tuned to cheap products is that even if it is scrap they grab. Price is the only logic that prevails. This attitude is amplified when buying crockery; plastic items; cosmetics; toys; electronic goods and imported chocolates.

There has to be some sort of price comparison between a standard product and a cheap product. It can never be possible that economy crockery set that is offered by a standard manufacturer at Rs.800 can be offered by the cheap products vendor at Rs.120. Such cheap products are definitely made up of some toxic scrap. Time and again we have heard about toxic scrap being smuggled from other countries and they being put to various uses in our country. There is something called “Food Grade Material” which is offered by most standard manufactures and necessarily we have to buy them if we care for the health of our families. Dangerous diseases such as cancer, liver infections and other related problems are bound to affect us if we consume, prepare and store food in “Toxic” and “Non-food grade” material. The same is the case with low quality cosmetics whose use may lead to several such complexions. Even some of the food materials sold by some of the popular bazaars are not worthy of human consumption. Most of them are beyond the date of consumption, stale and spoilt. These are sold off during huge discount sales and saving melas. Buying a slightly costly but reliable product may seem an unwise exercise in the short term but if it could save us huge medical bills, melodrama in households and avoidable physical disorders, the unwise exercise is worth undergoing. Discretion is the best part of valour when it comes to health and hygiene.

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