Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Hang those strikers

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Today VHP and its allies conducted chaka bandhs and road rokos across the northern parts of the country in protest against the injustice meted out to Hindus in the Amarnath Land case. Now I dont want to dwell into the genuniness of the cause. The issue is one old man in Noida and a youth in Kanpur who were seriouslly ill and being rushed to hospital, died because their vehicles could not move forward due to the traffic jams created by these people. Who will bring back these people to their families? who will look after the family of the youth who died?

Every bandh has its own stories. It is a merely a poplularity dance for most political parties and common people have to suffer. What is achieved by burning buses and cars during bandhs? Why should my car be burnt because some sadhus did not get their land? What is acheived in damaging commercial establishments? What is acheived by irritating commuters during bandhs? Who are the senseless guys who give permission for a road roko during the peak hours of 9-11 am? Why is their no law against holding bandhs and inconvincing people? why are not spots identified in the city where these people can hold the protests without inconvincing people? Why are the courts dont pass strictures that no bandh should be held throught the city and those political parties who disobey its orders be banned? How long will people will keep quiet to such political goondas without remorse or regret for their actions?Why do people vote for parties who inconvince them so much?

The Government will never pass a law banning bandhs. It is time the courts stepped in and levied heavy fines of Rs.50 crores on every political party that holds a city wide bandh or protest. It should also ban such political parties/leaders from contesting elections. Meanwhile what action will be taken against those leaders who were responsible for the two deaths today? The court should identify the main leaders and hang them to death or put a fine of Rs.10 crores and deposit the amount in a bank to take care of the families. The leaders responsible for this incident should be deported from the country itself. Their kith and kin should be denied rights of education, passport and other facilities for next 10 years. Self serving idiots have to be told lessons in the most meanest way to make them understand the pain of others. I am sorry for some inappropriate language in this blog but when I came back from office and saw a bullitien containing these gory facts, I had to just blog it without waiting for the appropriate words to come across. Wish the Courts pass an historic judgement banning bandhs and imposing strict action on strikers on the Independence Day and liberate the country from these scums of the society.

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