Thursday, 7 April 2011

I, Me and Myself discuss World Cup Victory

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I, Me and Myself met up again but this time to discuss the great World Cup Victory. This period was so emotional and patriotic for us Indians. We “sacrificed” so many things to watch this world cup. During this period we have motivated our team through various methods like ridicule, abuse, disowning, etc. We did all this so that they should play as good as we do in our weekend matches. It is not just the cricket team, we subject our children also to the same treatment, when they fail to get that extra mark than our colleague, relative or neighbour’s child. Victory achieved, we decided to celebrate the same, showering out of the book praises on the team.

As it has become mandatory this time also, ICON, MY CON AND MYSELF CON ( the abbreviated forms of our conscience) accompanied us to the celebration.

I – yes, yes, yes, we have done it. We are the world champions.

Me:- Yes, Captain Cool Dhoni has proved himself both as a player and captain.

MECON:- Are you not the same guy who started writing a blog “Captain Cool makes Indian fans a fool” when Dhoni got out?

Myself: No, I am not yet convinced with his skills as a captain. I think he is lucky more than anything else.

MYSELFCON: Maybe he should offer you a mixie, grinder or possibly a few goats to convince you of his skills

I: You are correct to an extent, he should have not played Sreesanth in the Final. We could have won the match without a sweat if he had played Ashwin.

ICON: Yeah, if you were the captain, Indian would have won the world cup in the quarterfinals itself.

Me:- Sachin finally has a world cup in his crown. He played truly blemishless spotless cricket throughout the world cup. The boundaries went like a tracer bullet.

MECON: My first advice control the Ravi Shastri dialect. This was the same guy who scribbled in his facebook after the S/F first innings “Sachin scores 85 in six innings” ..

Myself: I will make my son a cricketer. I will make him play IPL15 err. World Cup 2023. I will put him in a cricket coaching camp this summer holidays.

MYSELFCON: I know you are more interested in making him play only IPL. Anyways put your son quickly in the coaching camp before they also start collecting donation or Government introduces reservations even in cricket, he, he.

Me : I never thought we will make it beyond the quarterfinal stage and even had written a blog and kept on how miserable the Indian Cricket Team is. Luckily they won, otherwise I would have mincemeat out of them quoting statistics from 1950 onwards.

MECON: Even your parents thought you would never make it beyond the tenth grade. What to do, the best laid plans of man, mice and lice go wrong. Anyhow keep your blog, you can always do some minor changes and publish it, if they lose badly in England or Australia.

I: Why Sehwag had to play such a stupid shot of the second ball of a final. He is trigger happy/

ICON:- quite correct, unfortunately, he does not get the same time to play a shot, that you time and again get to correct your presentations in office

Myself:- And why did Gambhir had to play such an atrocious shot at 97?

MYSELFCON:- He did the same thing you do in traffic when the red signal is about to end.

Me:- Whatever you say, Sri Lankan crowd is not patriotic like us. The team was never hounded on arrival by press nor the fans burn their effigies nor they stoned the cricketers houses. So dispassionate they are about their country. Anyhow let us began the celebrations, Cheers!!!!

ICON, MECON AND MYSELFCON together say : but they stood together as a nation to get rid of a terrorist organisation

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