Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I, Me and Myself discuss Anna Hazare's revaluation err. revolution

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The previous part

The other day I, Me and Myself got together and discussed the second "greatest" victory India has got on the "Jan Lokpal Bill", thanks to Anna Hazare's revaluation err revolution.

As usual they were accompanied by their conscience viz., I-Con, Me-Con and Myself-Con.

I first reached the venue. The meeting was held a roadside hotel. I sat down and saw the owner beating up black and blue, a small kid for breaking a cup.

I was thinking in terms of doing an Anna Hazare on child labour when ICON said "No, baby, No, you don’t have type of media connections. Don’t force yourself in that boy's place"

I recognised that the owner was a vociferous participant in Anna Hazare's Revolution and decided against protesting because the cause of Jan Lok Pal Bill should not be weakened. You see the cause is more important than the antecedents of those involved in the struggle.

ICON "Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….. no, it is not an Ad jingle, just that I am having a constipation problem after being subject to this absurd logic. This guy sucks"

Meanwhile, Me and Myself joined I. They did their customary hi-fis and Myself began "Friends, Well Begun is Half Done. We should take corruption head-on and not rest till the Jan Lok Pal Bill is passed"

MYSELFCON "When did you begin taking corruption head-on? Oh, achaa, achaa, that Jantar Mantar show where you shouted in the presence of cameras, so many anti-corruption slogans"

Me "The corrupt are at our feet. Their latest attempt to malign the civil society has failed, he, he"

MECON "Just ensure that you are not hanging upside down because then your head will be at their feet"

I "Once JLP is passed, corruption will become a thing of the past"

ICON "Aree Baap re, so will undervaluing property tax; violating approved building plan; using child labour at home; using of domestic cylinder for car; etc. I pity, it seems you are cutting off the branch on which you are sitting"

Myself "Have you given a missed call to the India Against Corruption number. 25 lakhs calls are required and only 5 lakhs have been received"

MYSELFCON "Such a pity, the educated middle class can't afford a missed call or are they scared that their numbers will be noted down?"

ICON " Come to think of it, 1.5 crore people use the same shampoo Katrina uses to fight dandruff, but to fight corruption they can't dial the same number, the other five lakhs have dialed. I think Katrina should have been used to promote this number"

I "Never mind, we will give umpteen calls to that number. Do you know the sort of mass participation in the rally. Even my daughther's school principal participated in the rally"

ICON "You mean the same lady who collects donation from you every year without a receipt"

Myself "What a bold choice by Anna to include a father and son in the Committee? They are the only two in the country who understand the law and its nuances word by word"

MYSELFCON "OMG! you mean to say all the other retired judges and lawyers are dumb"

I "Anna has strongly denounced his fast being called as a blackmail."

Me "That is stale news, he has said that he won't mind resorting to such a blackmail once again"

MECON "Naturally, the next round will be after the IPL and the cameras would be idle and waiting to click"

Myself "and very rightly he does not believe in the election process. He has agreed that despite his "huge support base", he will loose deposit in the elections.

Me "Does that mean lakhs and lakhs of people who support his rallies, won't come and vote for him?"

MECON "No, it means across the country, there were only a handful of people supporting the cause and they also turned up, only for a photo-op?"

I "There is no meaning in these elections and that is why I don’t go to vote. I prefer writing blogs or clicking "like" buttons on Facebook for anti corruption crusades"

The three suddenly realise that it is time for the all important IPL match between Mumbai & CSK. They get ready to leave.


Democracy is what they want, what they want

Vote is what they won't, what they won't!

Anti Corruption is what they bark, what they bark

Self discipline is what they lack, what they lack!

Popularity is what they crave, what they crave

Always, their skin is what they save, what they save!

Tokenism is what they show, what they show

Sacrifice is what they slew, what they slew

Author's take

With or without, lok pal,

corrupt know how to make the country crawl!

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  1. I must say... you have hit the bull's eye with this post... "the cause is more important than the antecedents of those involved in the struggle" 90% of those supporting JLP don't even know it's details. or what it actually is about.

    Many of those who turned up.. only turned up to be photographed.. I have seen how people throng the "fast" sites when the media comes while I was in college..


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