Sunday, 15 January 2017

Those Were The Days When A Couple Could Say In Public `We Love Doggies', And No One Would Bat An Eyelid

It was a mid-November morning in Bengaluru, I was traveling by Namma Metro, and a girl was seated in front of me. She was dressed to kill, and my glad eye could not keep from stealing a few glances of her. In the next station, a friend of hers boarded, and greeting the `Miss Dressed to Kill' said `Babe, you're looking hot". I have an open mind but this compliment was new to me. When I was in college, guys complimented a girl as `a hottie' in her absence. When I started working, it was said to the girl herself. Later this compliment was seen on social media, and now a girl is calling another girl hot, that too in public. Just an observation on changing times rather than a moral rant, since I myself am not sure of my own morals.

 What times have come to? Talking of its homophone `cum', when I was a kid, it used to be `Sofa cum bed', or `Bathroom cum Toilet'. Needless to say, these are great places to come and cum or just cum. Back in those days, it was easier for couples to say `We love doggies' or for a husband to remark, `your pussy is causing havoc all over the colony'.

It was common back then for a male to go down on his knees, and propose to the girl, these days girls who go down on their knees are preferred. `It sucks' still, evokes disgust but `she sucks' evokes ecstasy.

 Correct me if I'm wrong, the primary association of the word `hump' many summers ago was with a camel, and later speed breakers on roads. Laptops were those female secretaries who sat more on their bosses lap, than at their desk.

 People these days are worried about the battery life of their mobiles. Instead of tying their life to a mobile, why don't they get mobile, and get a life? They can charge themselves through physical activity, and hope for better discharges. Instead, they are worried about the battery life and charge it the moment it is below acceptable limits. In the good old days, Charge usually meant a fare or a fee. These days we have a recharge, surge-charge, and the one that facilitates all these, a mobile charger.

 In my times, you were told to learn, how to read someone's face like a book, so that you can understand the person. Nowadays, that purpose is served by reading their Facebook wall. There was a lot of data collected about cloud those days. We've not stopped collecting them but these days clouds also have our data. Python in my days was feared but now it has to be learned by a coder

 Virtual, a couple of decades ago meant not real, but these days, virtual is virtually preferred more than the real. We trust our virtual friends more than the real ones. Our parents used to borrow from the moneylender but we use the credit cards. The Government says it is good for the country if we use virtual money. Virtual is the new age sacred ritual.

 I hope to rewrite this blog one day in the future, with what has happened to terms like blanket, backpack, apps, portal, upgrade, blog, handle, etc.

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  1. i am speechless after reading this post...
    Awesome observations and thoughts.
    There has happen lots of changes with time but some are really ridiculous.


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