Tuesday, 31 August 2010

What cannot be fixed in cricket?

It is quite obvious that cricket is the best bet for fixing a sporting event. It seems just about anything can be fixed in a cricket match but the truth is not so and here is the list of events in cricket which cannot be fixed:-

The possibilities of the game being played without a bat and ball.
The possibilities of the game being played without three stumps at each end of the pitch.
Players doing a strip-tease in the stadium when the game is on.
A slip fielder who catches the ball will throw it over the boundary ropes.
The wicket-keeper standing at the boundary for a spinner.
A batsman asking the umpire to place the sight screen between the bowler and him (batsmen having short pitch-o-phobia would love it).
A batsman refusing a boundary which has been signalled.
A non-sledging Australian cricketer.
A sub-continent spinner who appeals genuinely.
Ashish Nehra scoring a test century (because he will never get to face Indian bowling).

Sorry I can't think of anymore happenings in cricket which cannot be fixed, if you can think of any please add to the list. 

Despite all the fixing if you still like cricket, here is the dummy meter:-

1.You switch off the TV when you see cricket – You are the next best thing to happen to mankind after Einstien and Aryabhatta.
2.You watch cricket in bits and pieces – You will do well in your life.
3.You watch every bit of a cricket match – You must be the Sultan of Brunei or a senior citizen. If not both, you should be booked under IPC 302A for brutally killing time.
4.You are passionate about cricket – You should be in the Oscar Awards committee because you are the only hope for a Bollywood movie to win an Oscar.

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