Sunday, 11 February 2018

Priceless Thoughts About Mutton Biryani From Across The World

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Mutton Biryani is not just rice and a few juicy pieces of mutton in it. It is the epitome of taste. It is aroma’s expression. It is palette’s best face. It is the culmination of all culinary skills. It is loved by people next only to their family. Various people have said various things about a Mutton Biryani, here is the spoof of what has been said by many across the world:-

Guru of BOMB (Bakths of Mutton Biryani) Activist
                A Mutton Mukth Biryani is not a Biryani.

Tanzanian Zen Master
There is not a perfect MB, there cannot  be a perfect MB, not a perfect day to have a MB, to enjoy a MB you require unrequited love for MB.

American Leader
I would have never thought of building a wall, if MB was a Mexican Dish.

Chinese Hoodoo Expert
People who are possessed by the taste of MB cannot be conquered by Hoodoo

Solitary Goat Activist of Oymyakon
My religion says that Goat is the alma mater of my genes, I cannot eat MB. That’s why I oppose Goat slaughter.

Con Godman From Pennsylvania
Neither can you spot the hidden cameras in a room nor can you hide the aroma of a MB in a room

North Korean Despot
My scientists have perfected the technology to test fire rockets till Saturn by my cooks are not able to master a Hyderabadi Biryani.

News Reader Who Suffers From Verbal Diahorrea.
                If I am not questioning on behalf of the nation, remember my mouth is stuffed with MB

Indian Cricket Team’s best Phinisher
                It’s for no reason that I am called the best finisher, I don’t leave beyond MB for anyone.

Eskimo Leader
                We are offering Igloo home stay with Antratica Style Mutton Biryani.

Slovakian Style Diva
Size zero matters but not more than the taste buds that a MB triggers

Swiss Bank Manager
                If somebody can teach us how to come with a Swiss MB, we don’t mind giving the names of tax defaulters from India who have stacked their money here

Fuji’s Funny  Leader
                Selling Biryani and especially good ones is not just an employment but service to the God.
                Reproducing all the nice things that have been said about  Mutton Biryani will make this blog lengthier than a South Indian Breakfast Menu. The long and short of it is, there cannot be noble pursuits in life than preparing and eating a Mutton Biryani.

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