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I Me and Myself drainstrom about Education

I, Me and Myself planned to meet up recently. I always reaches the meeting spot promptly, but on that day, he was unusually late. When he did reach the spot, he was full of glee, waving what appeared to be an application form. As always the snipers, ICON, MECON AND MYSELFCON also came.I exclaimed "Have got an application for my daughter's admission to the Tom and Jerry Montessori"ICON "So aptly named, except that here Jerry willingly gives in"Me "Ohgreat, how many days did you wait for this application?"MECON "Wonder, why schools don’t have a tatkal scheme for application forms"I "Three days and would you believe it, while standing in the queue, the parents had to buy refreshments, only from the school canteen"Myself "Don’t read too much into it, the school management is concerned about the parent's health"MYSELFCON "Hope they did not take parking charges for standing inside the school"Me "It is a great…