Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I, Me and Myself dwell on social networking

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I, Me and Myself met up recently and discussed about the impact of social networking in our lives. Needless to say those three creeps, ICON, MECON and MYSELFCON were also present.

I `Hi guys, I am on Google plus and, it’s awesome man’

ICON `fake,fake, fake, this guy has been going around in circles trying to understand Google circles’

Me “Ya, very soon Facebook will be history”

MECON `in his heart he refers Google + as Orkut minus’

Myself `The new Facebook chat is yuck’

MYSELFCON `and all his Facebook friends feel it is cool because they don’t have to chat with him’

I `It is just meant to chase a few subscribers to Google plus’

ICON `Can there be a dumber joke from this FBRI - Facebook Resident Indian?’

Me `Social networking has helped us to connect with likeminded people across the globe”

MECON `only a Martian can be his friend for ever only because he won’t get confused by his brain’

Myself `It is easy to unfriend and block people whom you don’t like’


I `Have you seen the update of books on my profile’

Me `I saw that, you are voracious reader, how do you manage to read so many books’

ICON `only I know how many libraries he visited to pick those titles’

Myself `I have 500 friends on my FB profile and all of them strangers’

MYSELFCON `and that is because all of his friends and relatives have ignored his friend request’

MECON`Is it true, that his wife accepted his friend invite only because she wanted a Farmville neighbor?’

ICON `Thank god, there is no enemies list on FB or else Mark Zuckerberg would have taken personal interest in getting these three guys banned’

Me `Ok, what you guys have put in the “Interested in” column?’

I `Since I am here to connect with like minded people, that column is left blank’

Me `Same here’

MECON `Actually he wanted to post females only did not because his wife would beat him up’

MYSELFCON `We CONS never get tired of poking them and they of their hypocrisy’

I `What sort of behavior you guys display on social networking? I behave in a very matured way’

ICON ` You mean to say words like idiot, stupid, senseless, dkbose, etc are matured’

Me `My views are well respected in all the groups I am a part of’

MECON `Just check out India Against Contra errr.. Corruption, you will know how well his views are ridiculed’

Myself `My comments gets a lot of likes from very intelligent people’

MYSELFCON ` yeah, gems like “superlike” , “Annaji, we are with you go ahead’, “Lokpal not Jokepal” and for this he gets likes from equally intelligent people ‘

ME `All said and done, Social Networking has been a great boon for people like us’

As the three prepare to leave, ICON, MECON AND MYSELF say in one voice

`Politics is the last resort for scoundrels

Social Networking is the only social avenue for these incorrigibles ‘

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