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I Me and Myself discuss arranged marriage vs love marriage
I, Me and Myself recently met up to discuss Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage. Whenever we start our discussions, our consciences join and expose our hypocrisies. They are aptly named as ICON (I’s conscience), MECON (ME’s conscience) and MYSELFCON (MY’s conscience). I had a love marriage in his immediate family, other than it was an inter sex marriage, there was nothing common about the marriage. Me supports love marriage. Me was lovelorn throughout his college days, before he could propose to the girl, either she came with a wedding card or found in other guy’s arms. Myself is against the institution of marriage, he believes either in arranged love or love but no marriage.
 I `can’t digest this, love marriages are becoming a trend in our society’ Me `what is your problem in a boy and girl liking each other and getting married?’ I ` what will happen to our culture?’ Me `you mean the culture of asking a boy and girl to ogle at each other in front…