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Bakrapur to UB City - The legend of Urban Baba - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 The Times of Sage Viparyasa.
Sage Viparyasa was a genius among saints. His knowledge of the scriptures was unparalleled among contemporaries.  He had a lot of divine powers except that of creating other forms of life. When it came to creating a human life, he was eager and very competent at that. He could never resist the temptation of an attractive woman’s body. He was considered a vagabond amongst sages because of this weakness. Quite a few of his penances were broken with the help of sensuous women cavorting in his presence. He went to the extent of bedding women devotees who came to seek his blessings. However, none of the affected woman complained because they felt that being seduced by him was a blessing.  It actually proved to be a curse for many of them because they were disowned when their families came to know of it. These families were not broad minded like a mythical dy…