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Bakrapur to UB City - The legend of Urban Baba - Chapter 2

Chapter 2
The Times of Sage Viparyasa.

Sage Viparyasa was a genius among saints. His knowledge of the scriptures was unparalleled among contemporaries.  He had a lot of divine powers except that of creating other forms of life. When it came to creating a human life, he was eager and very competent at that. He could never resist the temptation of an attractive woman’s body. He was considered a vagabond amongst sages because of this weakness. Quite a few of his penances were broken with the help of sensuous women cavorting in his presence. He went to the extent of bedding women devotees who came to seek his blessings. However, none of the affected woman complained because they felt that being seduced by him was a blessing.  It actually proved to be a curse for many of them because they were disowned when their families came to know of it. These families were not broad minded like a mythical dynasty that was ready to accept several kids born through blessed acts of gods and sages but normal families with all their honour and ego intact.

The Devas did not take serious notice of the misdemeanours of Sage Viparyasa since he did not swipe into any of their girls. They did use girls to break the penances of Sage Viparyasa, but those were other girls not their girls. Though the sages cribbed about his sexual excesses, they too did not act on it because he never ventured into their territory, means never touched their girls.

Other than being prone to the pleasure of flesh, Sage Viparyasa had a strange habit of picking enemies for no fault of theirs. How `AnAsura’ became the sworn enemy of the sage is not only crucial to the storyline but also throws light into the mindset of the sage in picking enemies without rhyme or reason. Sage Viparyasa was susceptible in his foot and it was destined that he would die as a result of a bite in his feet by a snake couple. The sage knew it was inevitable but still embarked on a penance to overcome the susceptibility. The penance lasted for years and had reached its culmination stage. Sage Viparyasa had encircled himself in a Suraksha Chakra. The Suraksha Chakra was so powerful that anybody who sat amidst it would be insulated from all sound, sight and destruction around him. Floods, earthquakes, fires, ferocious winds, volcanos, reptiles, etc could not breach it. However, it was not immune to the hooting of horses, for four hours after sunrise on the next day of Amavasya. Once breached the Suraksha Chakra would vanish in the next 3 days.

The Devas were a worried lot because Sage Viparyasa would become immortal and added to that, what if he joined the Asuras?   The second proposition was likely given Viparyasa liking for women and frightening the Devas.The Sage’s penance had to be broken and the only weapon they conculded would be through an attractive girl. The Devas this time around did not send one of their girls but created a perfect prototype to breach the penance of Sage Viparyasa. She was tall enough to make any man desperate to stand on her toes; face which all the apsaras would envy; hairs thick, dark and long enough to cover her arse; skin fairer than a dove; eyes which could put a deer to shame; bosoms which would provoke the libido of even half a man; hips as attractive as a red apple and legs as shapely the tusks of an elephant. She was named `Swarg Sundari’.

As planned, Swarg Sundari appeared before Sage Viparyasa on an Amavasya day. The Devas hid the stars to ensure that her beauty glowed in the night. She descended to chiming by heavenly musicians. The music was so pleasant that even the sleeping cuckoos woke up.  On descending, Swarg Sundari walked with a sway that put the waves to shame. Her body had the fragrance of a thousand attractive flowers and the bees started buzzing around her. The Devas had to come and physically chase them off. She called out Sage Viparyasa’s name but it had no effect. She tried displaying her body but the sage who was in the Suraksha Chakra was unmoved.  Swarg Sundari had no other option but to begin her erotic dance. She danced so erotically that the entire jungle started mating but Sage Viparyasa was not aroused. The Devas on their part created all elements to entice the sage but were of no avail. They had hoped against hope that Sage Viparyasa would get distracted despite the Suraksha Chakra, but their plan was as successful as attempts of the morning dew to survive the rising sun. Things got worse when Swarg Sundari got aroused by the sage. She could not resist the tall and masculine looks of Sage Viparyasa. She wanted to disturb his chest hairs with her kisses. She yearned for his arms all over her body. When lust takes over any soul, intelligence and logic become mere guides to attain the desired. Though she was warned, Swapna Sundari’s lust had overtaken her and she with all her eroticism moved forward to embrace Sage Viparyasa who was in the Suraksha Chakra.  If anybody tried to breach it, they would get reduced to ashes and so did Swarg Sundari. 

The foolishness of Swarg Sundari had put the Devas in a quandary. If Sage Viparyasa’s penance continued for another 3 days uninterrupted, he would attain immortality. They urgently assembled and discussed on the issue. There could notice no chink in Sage Viparyasa’s armour other than his weakness for attractive women. It was yet again decided to attack Sage Viparyasa with a woman but this time with a more intelligent one.

The Devas knew about the amavasya chink in the Suraksha Chakra. As the good luck of Devas would have it, on the day when Swarg Sundari V2 was supposed to disturb the sage, it was the next day after Amavasya and `AnAsura’ was passing through the jungle with his army. The Devas with aid of forces of nature diverted his army in the range of Suraksha Chakra in which Sage Viparyasa was doing his penance. Armies being what they are can never move without making noise. There was the usual beating of drums; hooting of the horses; orders of the generals; noisy soldiers; etc. The hooting of the horses dented the Suraksha Chakra. Sage Viparyasa knew that the Suraksha Chakra would last only for 3 more days and he may have to complete his penance without it. He was furious at `AnAsura’ for breaching his Suraksha Chakra.

 It was in these circumstances, Swarg Sundari V2 landed near the river bank where the sage was doing his penance. She had the voice of a temptress. She took bath in the river and with wet clothes exposing most of her body; she meditated at a safe distance from Sage Viparyasa. She had the voice of a temptress and her chanting of hymns was arousing all the sensory organs of Sage Viparyasa. He could see through the Suraksha Chakra, a beautiful looking girl, drenched to the core revealing her bare body, sitting and chanting hymns. She was looking so tempting that Sage Viparyasa forgot his penance and wanted to impregnate her with his seeds of love. He got out of the Suraksha Chakra and proceeded to attain her. His penance was broken and the mission of Devas was finally successful. They were angry with the sage for having burnt down Swarg Sundari V1 and extracted revenge by burning down Swarg Sundari V2 as he was about to pounce on her. The Devas did a heavenly hifi amongst themselves after seeing `snatched at the last minute’ expression on his face. Sage Viparyasa’s second weakness of picking enemies without reason came to the fore. He blamed AnAsura for weakening his Suraksha Chakra, unmindful of the treachery of Devas. He vowed to destroy AnAsura with his powers. 

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