Saturday, 31 May 2008

Hail the Indian Ostrich

Ostrich is a bird which is very close to the leaders of this country. Leave it to them; they would make Ostrich the National Inspiration Bird. Like Ostrich, they tried to duck most problems and never take them head on.

We knew that given the population growth, we will be heading for a food crisis but nothing was done on increasing food production and we are in the midst of spiraling food prices.

We know that reservations of any sort cannot go on for eternity but very little has been done to uproot castesim from the Indian society. Still we hear of practice of untouchability, requests for increased reservation, etc.

We know that economic imbalances would push gullible people towards terrorism but we have not done anything neither to correct the imbalances nor dealt sternly with the sources of terrorism. Consequently, our cities have become frighteningly unsafe.

We know that mass transport systems are so essential for the country to manage the fuel bill of this country but Bangalore’s Metro Rail is stuck in a court case because of a few greedy traders. Neither our courts are speedily disposing off the appeal nor the Government keen to coerce the traders into withdrawing their case.

We know that frequent bandhs, strikes are crippling for a country which wants to become a developed nation by 2020 but so far nobody has been severely punished for the aftermath of a strike nor a stringent law passed which will put the fear of god in the people who strive to block cities, movement of rail, goods for weeks to highlight their cause.

We know black money is bigger than the national income but no action is taken to flush it out. At best we resort to a stray income tax raid or something apologetic as a VDIS. Why not map each property with its respective owner and then ask them to prove source of income for acquiring that property.

We know that rape is such a heinous crime on humanity but there is no law in the “land of legislations” for time-bound disposal of a rape case. What is the need to drag on a rape case for eternity? The only facts to be proved are whether the crime took place or not and whether the accused committed it or not?

We know that it is shameful for such a big country to do pathetically bad in the international sports arena but 99% of our sports bodies are managed by scheming politicians and there is no transparency in our sports bodies or a vision on how to make India a sporting nation.

We must be the only independent country which has decoupled itself from solving burning problems and still continues to prosper and be largely peaceful. How long and how far will this ostrich attitude carry us remains to be seen? Tempted to say, Yeh hain Ostrichstan meri jaan, yahan kuch bhi possible nahin hain.

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