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Enough is Enough is not a cliche

Enough is enough! We have voted enough. It is always a case of musical chairs and hardly the choices matter. Let us have a National Government. Let the politicians first provide us one full calendar year without terror attacks, then we can talk about holding elections.
Enough is enough! The politicians have made us fight enough on parochial basis. It is time such political parties are debarred from elections, organisations banned and the leaders sent to the jails.
Enough is enough! Terrorists cannot be allowed to be on trial for years. The Courts have to believe the cops version and give early judgments. First hang the guy who attacked Parliament and has been sentenced to death. Anybody who supports him should be treated as a terror suspect.
Enough is enough! We should not be socializing with a country which regularly creates fear and havoc in our land. Stop all cricket tours, musical programmes, trade, bus, and train with Pakistan. You never know which Pakistani is collecting what info…