Monday, 1 December 2008

Enough is Enough is not a cliche

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Enough is enough! We have voted enough. It is always a case of musical chairs and hardly the choices matter. Let us have a National Government. Let the politicians first provide us one full calendar year without terror attacks, then we can talk about holding elections.

Enough is enough! The politicians have made us fight enough on parochial basis. It is time such political parties are debarred from elections, organisations banned and the leaders sent to the jails.

Enough is enough! Terrorists cannot be allowed to be on trial for years. The Courts have to believe the cops version and give early judgments. First hang the guy who attacked Parliament and has been sentenced to death. Anybody who supports him should be treated as a terror suspect.

Enough is enough! We should not be socializing with a country which regularly creates fear and havoc in our land. Stop all cricket tours, musical programmes, trade, bus, and train with Pakistan. You never know which Pakistani is collecting what information about India when they stay in the hotels, visit our monuments, etc.

Enough is enough! We find unity only in adversity (be it Kargil or Tsunami). Let us not lose the unity and determination we have today. Let us come together (either as a city or a locality) one Sunday every month to discuss and solve civic problems. This will keep the politician on their tenterhooks and compel them to perform.

Enough is enough! Our cops and security forces cannot be paid peanuts and expected to be ready to die for the country. Give them a salary which will enable them to be honest and eager to answer the country’s call. Arm them with the most modern weapons and gadgets.

Enough is enough! Government is not able to conclude many defence deals for fear of allegations of kickbacks in the future. Our Coast Guards require ultra fast trawlers to patrol the vast coast line; our armed forces require latest weapons to counter insurgency and the cops need a replacement of the Tatya Tope age guns. Bofor guns were part of a famous alleged kickback scandal, but who cares; they saved the day for us in the Kargil war.

Enough is enough! We have had a professional qualified Finance Minister for the past few years and the growth is visible. It is time the post of Home Minister is also professionalized. We should have a security expert as the Union Home Minister as well as in the states. Same should be case for the Union Defence Minister.

Enough is enough! Our youth are becoming obese and masters of the mouse. Make one year compulsory military training part of the university curriculum. NCC training should be made compulsory in schools. For sake of escaping during terrorist attacks, the above 30’s generation should keep themselves physically fit.

Enough is enough! The salaried employees and corporate sector dutifully pays their taxes. We don’t know how much of this money is spent for internal security and what broad steps are being taken to make the country secure. Corporate sector should come together and refuse to pay the advance tax for the coming year.

Enough is enough is not and should not be a cliché. It is upto to us to make it work. The future is in our hands. Let us not forget the martyrs of Mumbai siege a few months down the lane. Jai Hind!

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