Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I Me and Myself discuss Diwali, marriages, Ra One and F1

I, Me and Myself recently met up and discussed Diwali, Marriage season, Ra one and F1 race.  As always our consciences, ICON, MECON AND MYSELFCON joined us with their barbs.

I began by saying `I had so much fun, lots of marriages, Diwali, Ra One and F1'

Me `Don’t tell me Ra one was fun'

MECON `Ra one was fun, for those who saw only the trailer: p'

I `I don’t want to argue with you guys, Ra One was a spectacular film. It is going to change the way films are made in this country'

ICON `Means henceforth producers will use common sense while making films'

Me `OK, OK let us not fight over a film, how did you guys celebrate Diwali?'

Myself `I, like all other countrymen, celebrated Diwali in a grand way'

MYSELFCON `You mean to say as grand as the guy who earns Rs.32 per day'

I `I have been very busy attending marriages'

Me and Myself `we too'

Me `The best thing I like about marriages is the food'

MECON `ya, where else can the entire family have a grand dinner for a partly gift'

MYSELFCON `Oh that is the reason they always prefer to go to the reception and not the muhurath'

I `I don’t attend any marriage without a personal invitation'

ICON `Indians accept appointment letters, air tickets, lab reports by email but when it comes to marriage invitations … uff.'

Myself `I wonder how those in Tihar would have spent their Diwali'

Me `Obviously waiting for the bail rocket to fly them out of there'

I `Maybe even wishing that the case against them is a defective cracker'

ICON ` If luck deserts you, even a defective cracker can burst on your face'

Myself `They should remove the ban on high decibel crackers during Diwali, after all, what is Diwali without a lot of noise?'

I and Me `We support you'

MYSELFCON `No wonder this group idiolises reports with inflated figures and people claiming inflated bills: D'

ICON `Hollowness is thee salvation'

I `F1 was fantastic, what a proud moment for us!'

Myself `I love F1, I am obsessed with F1 and can't think of anything else except F1'

MYSELFCON `but for the F1 key, these guys cannot work on a computer: d'

ICON `In the toilet of a five star hotel, he was searching for the F1 key because there was no water'

Myself `Let us await the historic moment when Jan Lok Pal Bill is passed '.  

Me `Next year we will celebrate Diwali in a corruption free India, let us go for now'

MECON `Does that mean no more adulterated sweets, harmful crackers and bursting crackers well into midnight during Diwali?'

ICON `Amen'

        All of them leave in a very happy mood and ICON, MECON AND MYSELFCON sing in the background

Eldorado, Eldorado we are coming for you Eldorado
Corruption you got to go
Eldorado, Eldorado
Hypocracy we can't let you go
Eldorado, Eldorado
Good wins over evil is what our mythologies show
Eldorado, Eldorado
Killing good for greed is what as a country we do.
Eldorado, Eldorado
On festivals, we indulge in pomp and show
Eldorado, Eldorado
In one house, dustbins with food overflow
Eldorado, Eldorado
In another, there is nothing but hunger to swallow
Eldorado, Eldorado, we are coming for you Eldorado.


  1. Awesome again, especially the tihar crackers part and the poem at the end. Keep more coming

  2. Truly wonderful, Balu ... was worth the long wait ...

    I want a clarification: When Myself says 'I, like all other countrymen,...' does he mean Myself or I, or perhaps given immutable logic of these confabulations, it could even mean I, ME, MYSELF and their CONS!

    Leave it up to you take F1 into the five start hotel restrooms! This must have been a truly inspired moment.


  3. Raghu thanks for the compliments, you know how definite I Me and Myself are in their talks, so all their statements are open to all sort of imputations

  4. loved this post.

    As far as Ra One is concerned, I am one of those rare species who loved Ra One

  5. Suresh, thanks, good to know that you have such a large heart to admire Ra one :P


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