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How the fake editor planned coverage of Anna Hazare's protest

Here is the previous part It was once again a fortnightly review in NoNEWZ 52x365 Channel. Seated in the room were the Political Journalist(PJ); Business Journalist (BJ); Sports Journalist (SJ); Entertainment Journalist (EJ); Creative Journalist (CJ – she can create news, debates, opinions when none exist) and finally the Rookie Journalist (RJ!). Additionally the Computer and Animation Graphics Expert (CAGE) and the Video Journalist (VJ) were called in. *** conditions applyThe Managing Editor of Operative Wing (MEOW) came in a cheerful mood. She screamed "Guys, Guys, the last six months have been wonderful for us, so many scams and thanks to our aggressive and emotional coverage of the issues involved, our share value has tripled in the last three months. Now we have the crowning glory, a crusade against corruption for introduction of a Jan Lok Pal Bill. We should encash this opportunity to t…