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I, Me and Myself Gravestorm on Ads, Adulteration and Anna Hazare

I Me and Myself met up in a graveyard to discuss the grave issues of Ads, Adulteration and Activists.Despite being surrounded by the evil spirits, the conscience of three of us viz., ICON, MECON AND MYSELFCON turned up and as usual they kept up with their uncalled for barbs, while we were discussing.I was in an animated mode "How dare the Government do this to the innocent citizens in the Ram Leela Maidan? This is highly condemnable. Anna Hazare rightly went on a day's fast "Me "V true, Anna has now given the Government 15th August deadline. If they don’t pass Lokpal Bill by then, Anna will go on an indefinite fast"MECON "Hope the next fast unto death of Anna Hazare lasts its distance"Myself "That is not the end, Annaji will also give a call for Jail Bharo Andolan."MYSELFCON " Jail Bharo is possible only if the Kacha Mango ad is true. People will have to be photocopied because only a few would be willing to go to jail…