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Why Indians Love And Adore PG Wodehouse?

It was the other day; a fellow fan of PG Wodehouse asked this question `I, too, am amused to know that PGW's greatest fans are in India. To what do you attribute the devotion?’
For an author who died four decades ago, he still sells like hot cakes in India. I doubt if he still sells as much in the country of his birth. Just visit any PG Wodehouse group on Facebook, you will find Indians reminiscing about his works. One of the most erudite of Indian politician, Shashi Tharoor is a fan of him. Indians love anything that’s English. Indians love English more than Englishmen. Even Jeeves would not disagree with the above statement, given the craze of Indian parents to get their kids admitted to a convent preferably one with an International School tag attached to it. Kings English is what most know; in India we have `Butler English’ with its own set of rules. We talk to even our siblings in English. Even the governance system in India is largely based on the British model. Think about it…