Thursday, 7 January 2016

A Compilation of Jokes on Marriage and Wives That Nobody Will Laugh (Part I)

All these Jokes are mine. The very fact that you will laugh at none of them proves it.

Male Spouse is the Mouse.

It's time someone put in their wedding card, all kinds of Dal in quantities of 5 kg or more welcome as a gift
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Study revealed,that if women keep Maun varat instead of Karva Chauth varat,men surely will have long life.

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Home made food is healthy because you can never have too much of it. 

A married man should learn to agree, or over his injuries will he have to grieve.

My advice to bachelors

Marriage is not to be feared. Nothing like that, get married only then you will appreciate your parents, teachers, boss, government and even Aliens

Marriages are made in heaven
Thanks! for the warning, next time I'll depart from hell
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Married men fear two things, one their mother in law coming in for a long stay and two, the lady of the house asking for their credit card
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Married & lived happily forever-hahahaha, that's definitely an oxymoron.

They say don't laugh at your wife's choice, you're one of them.
My reply, I've a sense of humour to laugh at myself.
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Don't get married because friends of your age are married
Don't get married because your families want you to
Don't get married because you want company
Don't get married because you want to take care of your biological needs
So why should you get married?
Get married only because you're feeling jealous at your own happiness. 
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All those who don't get pranked today are already married.
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Advice, on Valentine day hug safe, else learn to change Huggies in a wafe way.
February 13 is kiss day 
This year it's on Friday the 13th, how apt?
If my love is a novel
You're the printer's devil

Love never changes as they say
When in love
I'm madly in love with you
After marriage
I was mad to fall in love with you

Love must be blind otherwise why would lovers grope each other in the dark

The moon outside is so beautiful, I was standing in the balcony and admiring her.
My wife could not tolerate to see my happy face `What's it you're admiring?"

I said `Poornima' and then flew the missiles from inside

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