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A Bootlicker's Guide To Surviving As A Commentator In Cricket

There were days when cricket commentators could be critical of players, and yet retain their jobs. Times have changed, journalists bootlick politicians. Cricketers, who are practicing politics on the field, and bound to turn to full time politics in the near future, want cricket commentators to follow the journalists. Then there are celebrities who have a bout of patriotism every time there is a cricket match. They don’t voice their opinion on crimes and murders, but passionately waive the flag when BCCI XI wins a match. It has thus become difficult for a commentator to express his views without offending dubious characters of the society. However, a commentator cannot say `well played’ when a batsman gets out. Here is a bootlicker’s guide to narrating mildly the mistakes of our cricketers, and chiding the opposition ones in similar circumstances. If our wicket-keeper misses a simple stumping chance with the batsman stranded half-way down the pitch…. He was expecting the batsman to fo…